Cole Sprouse Clashes With Street Performer In Vancouver (VIDEO)

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Cole Sprouse Street Performer

By Michael Lewittes |

Cole Sprouse Street Performer

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Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on the show “Riverdale,” clashed with a street performer in Vancouver on Wednesday while shooting his CW series outdoors, and the exchange was caught on video (below). The actor had asked a singer and guitarist named Babe Coal to move away from an area where the series had a permit to shoot because her playing was seemingly too loud and disruptive. The street performer, however, refused Sprouse and the production crew’s requests and asked for money to leave.

Sprouse began by telling the street performer that “we can’t film anything” because her playing was too noisy. He added, “I know you’re asking for compensation. We’re asking for simply an hour to finish” shooting a scene. When a crew member intervened and said that they would like her to leave, Coal replied, “and I’m asking for compensation.”

That’s when Sprouse told the crowd that had assembled, “Just in case you guys don’t know how this works… This is one of the secrets of film production. We give a location to the city, and then scam artists come out.” Suffice to say, Coal took umbrage with Sprouse’s portrayal, and said, “Excuse me… I play here regularly, every day… So you guys came into where I perform.” She further complained, “You can’t call me a scam artist.” As Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, left the area, the street performer continued, “What you guys are are cheap… and rude.”

Apparently, Coal was taken away by the police. She later tweeted, “I was detained unlawfully w/ no charge & not read my rights for the purpose of intimidation.” Coal further wrote in a string of messages, “Riverdale Cast and crew who surrounded me should be ashamed at how they treated me last night, you can’t treat people like that.” She also called them “trolls” and felt, “Sprouse slandered me and acted terribly he should be ashamed. What he and cast did was abusive towards a member of the public.

Coal went on to claim on Twitter that another street performer was playing louder, but had not been stopped. She felt the production crew had singled her out. “They refused to compensate me then escalated and called the police, the police tried to bully me under pressure from the crew

So far, Sprouse has not commented on his verbal exchange with Coal. See the video below of the actor’s clash with the street performer in Vancouver. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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