Cody Wickline The Voice Audition Video: Singer Gives Show’s “Best Country Performance” — WATCH HERE!

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Cody Wikline Voice Video

By Shari Weiss |

Cody Wikline Voice Video


Monday’s season 8 premiere of “The Voice” featured Cody Wikline’s blind audition and what Adam Levine deemed “the best country performance” he “ever heard anyone perform on this show.” Watch below!

Within approximately two seconds of Wikline beginning to sing “He Stopped Loving Her Today” for Levine to push his button. Blake Shelton surprisingly waited a while to hit his, but when Pharrell and the returned Christina Aguilera followed, it was an official four-chair turn-around. The coaches all gave a standing ovation, as well.

Levine began his pitch to Wikline by arguing that amazing performances like his “transcend genre.” “You can win ‘The Voice,'” he told the contestant. “Wouldn’t it be glorious for us to do together without Blake Shelton?” Shelton, of course, had a different perspective. Noting that Wikline’s George Jones selection “may be the most important country song in the last 60 year,” the four-time “Voice” winner told the singer, “All you need now is someone to introduce you to Nashville.”

Pharrell acknowledged Shelton’s remarks, joking, “He’s totally right in terms of his connection to Nashville, but I went to the CMT Awards twice.” He went on to tell Wikline, “I think all four of us can just rise to the occasion to work with an anomaly like you.” And Aguilera admitted, “I have to say I was very intimidated when I heard the country.”

“It was beautiful,” she continued. “It just became so undeniable…I know true talent when I hear it.” Unfortunately for her, though, and Levine, who had yet to have a contestant pick him, Wikline chose to join Shelton’s team. Aguilera even tweeted during the broadcast, “Not Gonna lie, @cody_wickline is the one that got away :-( It’s times like these I wish I was from Nashville.” Check out the video below. What do you think of the audition? NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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