Cody Simpson: Justin Bieber Called Me A ‘F*cking Idiot’ For Pipe On Snapchat (VIDEO)

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Cody Simpson Pipe Video

By Shari Weiss |

Cody Simpson Pipe Video


Cody Simpson says Justin Bieber called him a “f*cking idiot” for posting a video of them on Snapchat in which a marijuana pipe was visible. See below.

Earlier this week, the longtime friends and collaborators hung out with Niall Horan, jamming to music and apparently getting high. Simpson posted a video to Snapchat afterward in which the three guys were seen sitting together on a couch next to a coffee table. Clearly visible on the table, though, was a yellow pipe, and what appeared to be tiny bundles of pot.

But in an interview with Zach Sang & The Gang, Simpson admitted he didn’t realize the pipe was in the shot until after he posted the clip. He also, however, doesn’t think it’s a big deal. “Some people are less open about things. For me, stuff like that, I don’t really mind,” said Simpson. “I’m 18, if I want to have a little smoke… Do your thing.”

“It’s just part of being young,” argued Simpson. Asked about Bieber and Horan’s reaction, the star revealed, “Bieber texted me, ‘You’re a f*cking idiot.’ I was like, ‘Dude, I swear I didn’t know!'” Simpson clarified, though, that Bieber was “kind of joking” and “doesn’t really care about that stuff that much either.” Check out the videos below, and tell us what you think.


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