Coco: “My Nipples Feel Like They’re Going To Fall Off”

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Coco Breastfeeding Nipples Sore

By Shari Weiss |

Coco Breastfeeding Nipples Sore


Coco has only been a parent for a few days, but she’s already learning that the pain of motherhood can continue after pregnancy and delivery.

In a new update posted to Facebook on Sunday night, the first-time mom reveals she’s struggling with breastfeeding. “Can I just say though… My nipples feel like they are gonna fall off they’re so raw from breastfeeding ‪#‎NewMommyproblems‬,” wrote the star. Coco received more than 600 comments in response from fellow moms who gave advice and tips.

Coco’s post also included an apology for her “silence” since giving birth to baby Chanel on Saturday. “I’ve had my hands full focusing on being the best mother I can be,” wrote Ice-T’s wife. “I’m so freaking in love. I’ve had an angel watch over me during my whole pregnancy & labor cuz it went beautiful every step of the way. My dad calls me a breeder lol.”

Coco also expressed excitement over her newborn’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, which racked up tens of thousands of followers. The above photo was taken Sunday, and already has more than 17,000 likes on Instagram. Ice-T gave his own update on Monday morning, tweeting, “Baby on Sat… Back to work on Monday… SVU.” Gossip Cop imagines his nipples are just fine.


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