Coco NOT “Faking Her Pregnancy,” Despite Report

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Coco Faking Pregnancy Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Coco Faking Pregnancy Photo


Coco is NOT “faking her pregnancy,” despite a report from a webloid that has a despicable history of making such outrageously false allegations. Gossip Cop can debunk the body-shaming story.

On Sunday, Coco posted a photo of herself at 28 weeks pregnant. She appears to have a rather small bump for someone seven months along, though she’s wearing a loose-fitting top and standing in a model-like pose, which make it hard to really judge. Much has been said about her lack of apparent weight gain, but MediaTakeOut just took it to a whole different level.

“We’re Starting To Think That ICE T’S Wife Coco… Is FAKING HER PREGNANCY FOR RATINGS,” the site announced on Monday. MTO went on write, Ice T and Coco are supposedly expecting their first child together – and Coco claims that she’s 7 MONTHS ALONG. But look at how skinny she looks… she barely has a stomach. Coincidentally, Ice and Coco’s new talk show has been having a RATINGS BUMP ever since they announced the pregnancy. Something just DON’T SEEM RIGHT here…”

The only thing not “right” is the continual body-shaming MediaTakeOut engages in, whether it’s calling out a celebrity for gaining weight or questioning, as it did multiple times earlier this year with Kim Kardashian, as to whether a star is truly pregnant. Hell, this is the same outlet that once said Blue Ivy was a fake baby.

Coco is indeed pregnant, and she’s not the first woman to sport a petite bump. Look no further, for instance, than Sarah Stage, the model who was judged for having the tiniest belly earlier this year, before she gave birth to a healthy baby boy who weighed nearly 9 pounds when he was born. There is no one way to look when pregnant, period.

Even MediaTakeOut’s allegation that Coco is “faking her pregnancy” for ratings doesn’t hold, well, weight. Ice-T and his wife announced their impending arrival on the series premiere of their talk show. So, to say there was a “ratings bump ever since they announced the pregnancy” is a pretty disingenuous statement. There were no ratings to measure before the announcement because there was no show before that, and it makes perfect sense that a new talk show would see its ratings increase after a premiere, pregnant co-host or not.

MediaTakeOut is a bad blog. It doesn’t need to be bad gynecologists and television analysts, too.


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