Clay Aiken: Donald Trump “Very Gracious” During ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (VIDEO)

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Clay Aiken Donald Trump View Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Clay Aiken Donald Trump View Interview

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Clay Aiken discussed his relationship with Donald Trump on Monday’s “The View,” admitting that the Republican presidential nominee was “very gracious” back when he competed on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Watch the video below!

“The Donald Trump who I knew on ‘Apprentice’ is not the Donald Trump running for president,” the singer explained on the morning talk show. Aiken, who was a runner-up on the mogul’s reality show, then joked, “He didn’t grab me by anything,” when asked how Trump acted behind-the-scenes. “He was very gracious.” The singer added, “I was on the show with Lisa Lampanelli, so if he had tried to grab her, she would have beat the crap out of him.” And when asked if he ever witnessed Trump treating any of the contestants poorly, Aiken maintained, “I didn’t see that much.”

The singer next spoke about his experience interviewing Trump’s supporters outside his recent rally at the Wilkes-Barre arena in Pennsylvania. “I played the same arena with Kelly Clarkson that this rally was at,” he noted, “and I was sitting there, I was watching the pre-production of this thing and I realized, it’s fun to have 20,000 people cheer for you.” Aiken continued, “And it just became incredibly evident to me, he’s running for these rallies. He’s running because he wants that cheering and those rallies.”

As for why he believes Trump has garnered so many supports across America, Aiken said, “It really is that strength thing… To them, the country needs a leader who’s going to be strong, who’s not going to be afraid of anything. And I guess they think that Hillary is afraid of ISIS, which I don’t know that I would necessarily agree with, but they believe that.” The singer further offered, “They think he’s not afraid of anything and that’s why they want to stick with him.” Watch Aiken’s appearance on “The View,” as well as him interviewing supporters at a Trump rally, in the videos below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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