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Is Claire Foy expecting a baby with a mystery man? A tabloid claims the actress could be pregnant. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to Woman’s Day, Claire Foy was photographed handling some business in London and which is leading “insiders” to allege she is expecting a baby. The picture the tabloid uses shows the actress sporting a loose-fitted black dress while carrying a binder with sunglasses on. The outlet uses this sole picture as evidence to support its allegation by maintaining the actress is hiding a baby bump underneath the dress. The publication also brings into question who the supposed father of the alleged baby could be.

“There were rumors she hooked up with co-star on The Crown, Matt Smtih, so that would be pretty amazing,” a so-called insider states. Why would an alleged hook up be "amazing?" Particularly if there wasn’t any confirmation that the two were indeed dating. Still, the magazine asserts the former costars, “Never talked about it but their chemistry was off the charts.” The publication then notes Smith may still be dating Lily James, though that has been disputed with photographs and a story in People today, which implies James may be dating Chris Evans (that has yet to be confirmed or debunked by Gossip Cop).

There’s a lot to unpack with this story but let’s get right to it. Here's what is really happening. About a week ago, Foy met with Smith, who she is close friends, with so the two could perform their play, Lungs. That is where the picture Woman’s Day used came from. We’ve exposed tabloids in the past for just using one photo of a celebrity, usually an unflattering one, to try and justify its story. Woman’s Day is no different. Additionally, there were plenty of other photos of the actress where she didn’t appear to be pregnant.

All in all, this is a messy tale Gossip Cop is cleaning up. Foy is not expecting a baby with any mystery man and it most certainly is not Smith. Given Woman’s Day’s unreliability in the past, it’s also hard for us to believe this current narrative.

Last summer, we busted Woman’s Day for alleging Bradley Cooper was expecting babies with Irina Shayk and Lady Gaga. As you can see, the tabloid is known for creating dramatic story-lines with no real evidence to support its claim. Just like in this story, the outlet maintained that even though Cooper and Shayk split, she was pregnant with their second child, and Gaga was also expecting. Gossip Cop checked with a mutual pal of ours who confirmed the ludicrous story was false. When it comes to this tabloid and pregnancy stories, it’s best to just not believe anything it claims.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

Woman's Day history covering Claire Foy and Matt Smith has been sketchy in the past as well. Last fall, while Smith and Lily James were still very much together, the tabloid tried to invent a phony romance between the two former stars of The Crown. In the article, the tabloid purported the Smith and Foy were dating after they were spotting grabbing lunch together while rehearsing Lung.


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