Claire Foy NOT “Freaked Out” By Adam Sandler Touching Knee On “Graham Norton,” Despite Reports

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Adam Sandler Claire Foy

By Michael Lewittes |

Adam Sandler Claire Foy

(Graham Norton Show)

Claire Foy was not “freaked out,” offended or uncomfortable by Adam Sandler touching her knee on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” despite reports. As widely reported, Sandler and Foy were guests on the British talk show and, at one point while telling a funny story about taking his parents to the Golden Globes, the actor put his hand on Foy’s knee. Initially startled, the actress moved his left hand off her knee, prompting Sandler to comically put his hand back there. See the video below.

In an article by the Daily Mail about the incident, for instance, the paper wrote that Sandler’s touching Foy’s knee left the actress “squirming with embarrassment” and “looking distinctly uncomfortable” “Unfortunately her efforts to pat away his hand went unnoticed, and he soon placed it back on her knee, much to her apparent awkwardness,” added the tabloid. The publication also included comments made from “stunned viewers” on Twitter.

The paper quoted an individual with the handle @gjb1966 asking, “With all that’s happening did I just see #ClaireFoy looking a little distressed at #Adam Sandlers hands all over her knee?” Another user named @j5kitten tweeted, “Felt very uncomfortable watching Adam repeatedly put his unwanted hand on the knee of Claire Foy.” And a person who goes by @Emilywhoo expressed, “Adam Sandler touching Claire Foy’s knee for no reason, she puts his hand back, then he does it again, she looked rightly pissed off.” “Ohh Claire Foy was not up for being pet by Adam Sandler. Quite right too,” added @grahamt11.

While it’s true Twitter exploded over it, Foy herself was not upset by Sandler’s uninvited touching. A spokesperson for Foy tells Gossip Cop, “We don’t believe anything was meant by Adam’s gesture and no offense was caused to Claire.” And from Sandler’s part, it was nothing more than a “friendly gesture,” his rep assures us. (UPDATE: Following our report, the actress’ spokesperson later told other outlets that Foy took no offense to Sandler’s behavior.)

Although everyone is more vigilant and hopefully more attuned to proper behavior after the revelation of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults and harassment, it appears that while Sandler’s touching was shocking, it was not intended with any particular sexual undertones. In fact, a little more than three weeks ago, while sitting next to his The Meyerowitz Stories co-star on the “Tonight Show,” Sandler also touched Dustin Hoffman’s knee on multiple occasions. See the video below from Sandler’s appearance with Foy on the “Graham Norton Show.” NOTE: The videos are no longer available.

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