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There’s trouble brewing at Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s home, says one rumor. Sources close to Crawford reveal that Kaia and Presley Gerber’s past few months of questionable behavior is pushing Crawford to the limit with stress. Here’s what’s going on.

Cindy Crawford's 'Private Hell'

In a report from earlier this year, OK! says that although Crawford's life may seem to be just fine from an outside perspective, things aren't going well for her behind the scenes and calls it “Cindy’s Private Hell” in its headline. "She's really struggling emotionally," a source reveals to the magazine. She's been "deeply concerned about the well-being of her kids," and the weeks and months of worrying have put an uncomfortable amount of pressure on her relationship with her husband. Despite the idyllic nature of her social media posts, it's supposedly getting bad.

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"She's a positive, grounded individual — but she's had a lot to cope with at once." Though she's always seemed like a "cool mom," as evidenced by her constant mentions of how proud she is and her close connection with both of her kids, the source says that she thinks she may be losing touch with them. It’s bad enough that it’s caused some arguments with her husband of 22 years. The snitch tells the magazine,

Rande and Cindy butt heads over how to parent.

Kaia's fling with infamous comedian Pete Davidson allegedly "raised serious red flags for Cindy," especially given the fact that Davidson went to rehab just as he and Kaia split. Of course, Presley's 2019 DUI and various tattoos are mentioned, although the outlet says that Crawford's worries have "ramped up this year" after the past few headlines about her son. Crawford has supposedly dealt with "some major panic" over her kids' choices. "She never thought either of her kids had a wild streak," a tipster shares.

"Cindy and Rande's marriage is still ultimately solid, but they've had some difficult conversations about Kaia and Presley in recent months," the source says, explaining that the two "go back and forth" over how much they should get involved in their kids' lives. "Rande's definitely calmed about this stuff, whereas Cindy's a mama bear who goes in guns blazing because she's so protective. They've clashed quite a bit, and there have been a lot of tears. Cindy's so fraught and worried — she's needed a lot of reassurance.” Rande, for his part, takes a different stance and reportedly believes that Crawford "shouldn't be so clingy" with their children.

Of course, the superstar couple couldn't do it all alone. The unnamed source says that none other than George Clooney has stepped up and "been a rock through all [of] Cindy and Rande's recent troubles," the insider says. "He often encourages them to calm down, take a breath and count their blessings. George may be new to this whole parenting thing, but if it weren't for his wisdom and friendship, Cindy and Rande might be in an even worse position than they already are."

Is Cindy Crawford Seriously Worried?

As we've pointed out in countless busts, it's totally normal for parents to worry about their kids no matter what. However, it's a little much to call those natural worries as signs of a crumbling marriage or whatever the narrative is supposed to be here. In the time since this rumor was originally published, there have been no mentions from any legitimate outlets about disharmony in the Crawford-Gerber household. However, there was one piece of gossip about Cindy Crawford fighting with someone close to her.

OK! itself reported that Crawford was at odds with the Clooneys earlier this month. The outlet claimed that Crawford and Amal Clooney hated each other so much that George had to keep cancelling their plans together. Of course, we were about as skeptical about that story as we are about this disharmony rumor. If this tabloid can't even get its storylines straight, why should we pay any heed to its "insiders"?

Besides, we've addressed nearly all of these claims before. Heck, Life & Style once dedicated a cover story to almost this exact narrative, complete with complaints about face tattoos and Pete Davidson. Woman's Day said that Crawford was pulling her hair out after Presley's latest tattoo in August, and it published a story about Crawford and Rande's relationship "cracking" under the strain of...Pete Davidson and face tattoos. This is a more than familiar narrative that runs counter to the truth of Presley Gerber doing fine and Kaia Gerber getting along great with her mother. They just did a shoot in their garage together, so it's hard to believe in any claims about Crawford's "private hell" in Malibu.

OK! has seriously been banging this drum for years. Seriously, even in 2018, this tabloid swore that Cindy and Rande were headed for divorce after they fought over the future careers of their children. Now that it's become obvious that the parents are supportive of whatever their kids want to do as a career, the outlet's shifted over to gossip about dating and lifestyle choices. At the very least, it seems like the tabloid may be getting over its obsession with Kaia's brief fling with the comedian and has now moved on to obsessing over her connection with fellow model Cara Delevingne. Still, until it seriously re-evaluates the quality of its "inside" information, we just can't find any reason to trust these repetitive reports.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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