Chuck Schumer “The View” Video: Donald Trump In For A “Fight”

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Chuck Schumer The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Chuck Schumer The View Video


Chuck Schumer appeared on “The View” on Monday to discuss his problems with Donald Trump’s presidency. Watch the video below.

Last month, Trump accused Schumer of shedding “fake tears” when he cried during a speech about the president’s immigration ban. Now on the talk show, the co-hosts had boxes of tissues at the ready. Whoopi Goldberg asked if Schumer had a response for the president. “Well, he doesn’t know me. I get tearful,” he admitted, adding, “I care about immigration. My middle name is Ellis, named after Uncle Ellis of Ellis Island.”

Schumer declared, “Donald Trump would like to think all immigrants are terrorists and criminals. They’re not. They’re the future of America.” Sunny Hostin then asked the senator about chanting “dump Trump” at events. He explained, “You should always be guided by your values… Trump calling me names doesn’t affect me. Trump trying to flatter me doesn’t affect me. If he sticks with the right values, I won’t oppose him because the Trump name is on it. If he goes against our values, I’ll fight him tooth and nail.”

The New Yorker didn’t directly answer when Joy Behar asked whether he thought Trump has mental health problems. Instead he said, “When you talk to Republicans quietly… They are having real problems with him. Very few — John McCain, to his credit — very few have opposed him.” Schumer added, “My prediction is [if] he keeps up with his path, within three or four months, you’re going to see a lot of Republicans breaking with him.”

The senator went on to say Trump has “the worst Cabinet I’ve seen in the history of America,” and called him out for “deviating” from his campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” Schumer noted, “I think he thinks that he did it his way and he won and he’s not going to change very soon.” But Trump’s “fake news” and anti-media kick, he said, is “trouble for the democracy.”

Schumer also wants Trump’s Russian ties and finances investigated, and is asking for close ally Jeff Sessions, the new attorney general, to recuse himself from such a case. “If you agree with that, TV audience, tell your congressman or congresswoman,” he urged, going on to state, “The president has no excuse not to make his tax returns public.”

Jedediah Bila asked about the travel ban. “They’re in such a mess because they did this so quickly that it didn’t meet any kind of muster,” Schumer said, arguing that Trump has targeted the wrong countries. He also expressed fears about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, predicted it will be a “tough road” to the 60-vote threshold, and guessed that it would be difficult to repeal Obamacare, too.

“We do have some power. We have to use it smartly and wisely,” Schumer said. “I tell people, I’m ready for the fight.” Check out the full video below.

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