Are Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa fighting over rival real estate careers? New reports claim Tarek has "flipped" over his ex's latest business endeavor and now the pair are at "war." But a rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop such allegations are untrue.

A headline in the new edition of OK! announces, "Tarek & Christina Back At War!" The "Flip Or Flop" stars, who have two children together, infamously split in 2016 and finalized their divorce earlier this year. Though they've continued to work together on their hit HGTV show, the tabloid alleges that the "tension" between them behind the scenes is an at "all-time high." It's alleged while Christina has "landed a gig with luxury real estate firm Christie's," Tarek is working with "rival firm Sotheby's." Consequently, "they're both trying to lure high-profile clients to their side," contends the gossip magazine.

"Christina and Tarek are fighting tooth and nail over Southern California's fat-cat buyers," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. Alleges this supposed snitch, "They've been undermining each other and it's getting nasty." How so? The outlet's purported tipster claims Tarek is "telling potential clients he taught Christina everything she knows about real estate." Curiously, it's not said how Christina is "undermining" him in return.

Still, the publication's "source" maintains that "as competitors, they're downright vicious." Again, it's not explained how Christina is being "vicious" towards her former husband. But RadarOnline is peddling a version of this narrative online, and in that article, an alleged "insider" claims Christina is "fuming" and "fighting back." It's asserted that she's insisting that Tarek is "the one riding on her coattails," and the questionable "insider" asserts, "It's getting nasty."

It was actually noted back in February that by Christina joining Christie's in the wake of Tarek previously signing on with Sotheby's, the El Moussas could become "professional rivals." Now a few months later, it seems sister outlets OK! and RadarOnline want readers to believe that has, in fact, happened. But apparently these publications didn't consider an important factor: While their finances are now separate, both reality stars are intending to provide for their families.

Whether Christina scores a commission, or Tarek does instead, it's still money to support their kids. Looked at that way, no one loses. Tarek even spoke with People last fall about co-parenting, explaining that their children are the "most important thing." He stressed, "If mom and dad can't get along it affects the kids, so mom and dad better get along." That would mean not being at "war" with one another over work.

And, as reported by The Blast, the El Moussas' custody arrangement includes a non-disparagement clause for the sake of their kids, so it makes little sense that a "source" or "insider" close to them would leak something to the gossip media in which they badmouth one another. Given all this, Gossip Cop was skeptical of the claims. Our doubts were confirmed upon speaking to Christina's rep, who tells us the alleged dispute is "absolutely false." And it should be noted RadarOnline couldn't even spell Christina's name correctly in its headline. See below.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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