Christina Milian Still NOT Pregnant, Despite Report

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Christina Milan Still Not Pregnant

By Shari Weiss |

Christina Milan Still Not Pregnant

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Christina Milian is still NOT pregnant, despite yet another report from a clueless webloid. Gossip Cop can again set the record straight.

Earlier this month, the OB-GYNs at MediaTakeOut looked at a picture of Milian and concluded she was expecting a baby. Citing her “teeny bump,” the webloid claimed it had “exclusively learned” the singer-actress had a child on the way. Her rep, however, exclusively told Gossip Cop that Milian was NOT pregnant and the story was “false.”

Milian herself then confirmed our debunking. Sharing our accurate story on Twitter, the star wrote in response to the untrue pregnancy claim, “Nope just CHUBBY!” (See screengrab below.) So, what is MediaFakeOut doing now? The site is again claiming Milian is pregnant… again based on a photo.

The disreputable outlet’s new headline reads, “Actress Christina Milian Was Spotted Out Yesterday… And It’s Getting PRETTY OBVIOUS… That She’s PREGNANT AGAIN!!” It says in the accompanying story, “ broke the news last month that she’s pregnant. And by the look of her face, it’s about to be obvious to everyone.”

To be clear: As noted above, MediaFakeOut’s first story was published earlier in December (not “last month”), and there is nothing “obvious” in this new picture to suggest Milian is expecting. The bad blog seems to be implying that her face looks bigger, and that that therefore means she has a baby on board.

But even the webloid’s own readers aren’t falling for it. One commented, “By the looks of her face, like she needs a nap and has no make up on? Like she’s pregnant like Beyonce for the 133rd time? GTFOHWTBS.” “B.S.” is a fitting description for what the outlet is peddling. And, as Gossip Cop previously reminded, MTO also falsely said Milian was pregnant in 2014. We rest our case.

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Christina Milian is pregnant again.


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