Christina El Moussa Moving To Los Angeles For Modeling Career?

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Christina el Moussa Modeling

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Christina el Moussa Modeling

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Is Christina El Moussa moving to Los Angeles for a modeling career? That’s what one of the tabloids is claiming this week. But only Gossip Cop has the exclusive truth.

Right off the bat, this story in Life & Style has a major red flag. It begins by asserting El Moussa’s “future with HGTV’s ‘Flip Or Flop’ remains unclear,” even though days before the article was published, the network announced she and estranged husband Tarek are working on an extended seventh season of the home improvement program. HGTV said the higher-than-usual episode order will have the pair filming through the fall.

The tabloid, however, doesn’t mention any of that, and instead sets up its report with the faulty premise that El Moussa is “weighing other career options” because the reality show’s future is supposedly in jeopardy. Specifically, a so-called “insider” claims to the gossip magazine that El Moussa “wants to move to L.A. to pursue business opportunities and a modeling career.” The real estate specialist, who currently lives about an hour outside of the city, “knows she looks good and wants to get into the heart of the action in Hollywood,” contends the outlet’s alleged tipster.

But as the article goes on, it becomes clear what sparked these falsehoods. The publication says El Moussa’s “moneymaking ambitions” shouldn’t come as a surprise because she has recently posted promotional photos on Intagram. Since she posed for professional pictures in those posts, the tabloid is making the leap that she wants to move to L.A. for a full-on modeling career. That assumption, though, just isn’t true.

Like many reality stars, El Moussa sometimes gets the opportunity to show off various products on social media. That doesn’t mean she’s giving up home renovations to become a professional model or uprooting her family to do so. In fact, a rep for the star exclusively tells Gossip Cop the magazine’s claims are “comical.” But that’s not all. We also spoke with others close to El Moussa, who expressed frustration with the publication’s inaccurate stories.

“They’ll run anything, along with [sister outlet] In Touch,” one contact understandably gripes. “They can’t keep their stories straight from their ill-informed ‘sources.'” Indeed, Gossip Cop busted In Touch just last month for wrongly claiming in a cover story that “Flip or Flop” was “over” and production had “shut down” with no further filming planned. The tabloid had a “source” (ahem), who maintained, “‘Flip or Flop’ is wrapped with no intention of coming back… ‘Flip Or Flop’ is canceled.” Yet, as noted above, that is 100 percent not the case.

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