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Christina El Moussa did not take back her estranged husband Tarek El Moussa, despite a misleading tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth about this report, which uses real news to spread fake news.

The new cover of Life & Style announces, "Christina's Story: Why I Took Tarek Back." The front of the issue features an old photo of the former couple showing PDA, with the declaration, "Happy again." The magazine further promises to reveal "all the details" about "their new life," the "promise" Tarek made, and how their family is "back together." All of this is extremely deceptive.

The wording and the photo were all used to make consumers think Christina told the tabloid about calling off their divorce. She did not talk to the gossip magazine at all, nor has the divorce been called off. In fact, every quote in this story that asserts "Christina says" is actually recycled comments she has made to other publications.

Rather, it's only after readers get to the article inside the publication that it becomes clear the cover story is a complete bait-and-switch. Despite the cover's implications, the story isn't actually about Christina and Tarek reuniting romantically. It's about the reality stars signing a new deal to continue filming "Flip Or Flop" together. Christina isn't taking Tarek back as her husband. The outlet sheepishly acknowledges she's just "taking him back as a co-star."

That's significantly different from what readers are initially led to believe and paid $3.99 to read. Later in the article, the magazine also confesses that Christina is "not considering a reconciliation." What's more, though, is that in addition to purposefully being misleading, the tabloid also tries to do damage control for previously spreading lies about the real estate specialists and their HGTV show. Life & Style and its sister outlet, In Touch, falsely claimed in March that "Flip Or Flop" was "over." Both publications wrongly insisted the show had been canceled.

But now that an extended new season has been announced, with both reality stars filming through the fall, this new story is pretending Christina all of a sudden decided to work with Tarek again, paving the way for new episodes. "Christina changed her mind," a so-called "HGTV insider" is quoted as telling the magazine. Yet, just last week this same outlet was alleging Christina wanted to move to Los Angeles for a modeling career because she knew "Flip Or Flop" didn't have a future.

Now days later, the tabloid is essentially backtracking. Life & Style took the real news that "Flip Or Flop" is returning and created a fake narrative around it, a rep for Christina confirms to Gossip Cop. And the magazine packaged it all in a way that further disguised the truth in favor of sensational falsehoods. As one rock-solid contact exclusively told Gossip Cop last week, "They'll run anything, along with In Touch. They can't keep their stories straight from their ill-informed 'sources.'" Frankly, at this point, Gossip Cop is skeptical such sources even exist.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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