Christina Aguilera Did NOT Cause “Trouble” During “The Voice” Promo Shoot, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Christina Aguilera Voice Promo Shoot RadarOnline

By Shari Weiss |

Christina Aguilera Voice Promo Shoot RadarOnline


Christina Aguilera did NOT cause “trouble” during a promo shoot for season 10 of “The Voice,” despite a mean-spirited new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim, which comes from an outlet that seems to be waging a “diva” campaign against the singer.

According to RadarOnline, Aguilera is back on the set of “The Voice” with a “vengeance,” and the production is “already having trouble” with the returning coach. A so-called “on-set source” is quoted as saying, “The filming of the new TV spot promo with Christina was absolutely horrendous.”

“She showed up late and acted like she owned the shoot. The entire thing had to be about her or else she would have flipped out,” alleges the supposed snitch, who further claims, “Christina insisted on wearing her own wardrobe and using her own hair and make-up team. She just would not take any direction for the shoot and wanted it to center around her. And so it did.”

The tipster goes on to allege that fellow coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell “just let Christina have her way because it is much easier than arguing with her.” The site’s “source” adds, “Filming with Christina is night and day from filming with Gwen [Stefani] and a lot of people are just kinda bummed that they brought her back.”

But RadarOnline’s latest hit piece is not just suspicious, it’s also just plain wrong. First off, Aguilera and her colleagues shot the promo at least two months ago. It’s pretty suspect that the shoot was supposedly so awful, but the webloid is only running the allegations now, after the promo was released on Tuesday

Furthermore, Gossip Cop has learned from an ACTUAL production insider that “every person on the show has their own hair, makeup and wardrobe” team. So to make it seem like Aguilera was the only star to have specific people and was making a big stink about it is totally inaccurate.

And contrary to the other claims, Gossip Cop hears that Aguilera was particularly “thrilled” to do the shoot, because it was directed by Dave LaChapelle, with whom she’s collaborated in the past. “She loves a fun set with creative minds,” says our impeccable insider, who notes that “nothing” about the RadarOnline version of the events is truthful.

That’s hardly surprising. Over the last few years, the disreputable site and its sister outlets, OK! and Star, have run several reports about Aguilera being a “diva” on the show. But if she was so difficult to work with, why would NBC and the producers keep asking her back? The webloid seems dead-set on painting both Aguilera and the show in a certain light. But this ongoing narrative remains false.

And here’s one last piece of proof that RadarOnline is full of crap. Back in 2014, the outlet claimed Cyrus was “refusing” to appear on “The Voice” due to a supposed “bitter feud” with Aguilera. And you know who will be working with Aguilera this season as a key advisor? That’s right: Cyrus. Gossip Cop rests it case.

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Christina Aguilera was causing trouble for staff on “The Voice” with her diva behaviour.


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