Christina Aguilera Pregnant With Third Baby – Real Or Rumor?

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Christina Aguilera pregnant third baby

By Michael Lewittes |

Christina Aguilera pregnant third baby


Christina Aguilera is not expecting a third baby, despite a totally inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim that Aguilera is pregnant again. We’re told the story, which began in one of this week’s tabloids, is untrue.

According to OB/GYNs at Star, Aguilera and fiance Matt Rutler celebrated their daughter Summer Rain’s first birthday in August, and are “already expecting another arrival.” The tabloid then quotes one of its woefully ill-informed sources as saying, ”It wasn’t planned, but they’re both ecstatic.” The magazine alleges Aguilera found out she was pregnant “after signing back on ‘The Voice.’”

A so-called “source” on the set of “The Voice” tells the tabloid that Aguilera “looks bigger and is ordering way more food than usual, including weird requests.” Pretending it has another source, the magazine actually uses a paparazzo’s account of Aguilera recently at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills to claim she has “an obvious bump, even under a baggy sweater.”

After once again stating that Aguilera is “so happy to be pregnant again,” one of the unreliable tabloid’s seemingy fake sources says Aguilera loves that she’ll be “walking down the aisle with a beautiful baby bump.”

Let’s start with the fact that Aguilera isn’t expecting a baby. A mutual friend of the singer and Gossip Cop exclusively assures us Aguilera is “100 percent” not pregnant.

Now we can go back to one of the tabloid’s painfully inaccurate statements. The magazine claims Aguilera found out about her (non-existent) pregnancy “after signing back on ‘The Voice.’” That’s interesting, because Gossip Cop exclusively reported Aguilera was returning to “The Voice” on June 10. That would make her, at minimum, more than five months pregnant now.

Of course, Star is the same outlet Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted for its wholly untrue stories about Aguilera. In February 2014, the magazine wrongly stated the singer and Rutler were getting married in March. Gossip Cop exclusively debunked that false claim. Several months later in November, the tabloid inaccurately floated that Aguilera and Rutler were tying the knot on New Year’s Eve. And again, Gossip Cop was right, and the magazine was wrong.

Bottom line: The tabloid has no credibility when it comes to Aguilera, who is NOT pregnant with her third child.


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