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Christian Aguilera is not pregnant with her third child, despite a new report. The story, which is largely based on the singer's appearance, is not true. Gossip Cop can bust it.

"She's not just growing - she's glowing! There's a good reason why pop star Christina Aguilera is looking a bit plumped up these days," contends RadarOnline, which announces she and Matthew Rutler have a "brand-new baby on board." But the site doesn't have confirmation that Aguilera is really pregnant.

The blog quotes a so-called "source" as saying, "Christina and Matt have been talking about having a second child for a long time now, and people around them are whispering she's expecting again." The phrase "people around them are whispering" indicates that this untraceable "source" has no firsthand knowledge of the purported pregnancy. The website goes on to maintain that, "until now, only those closest to the couple have known about the ultra-private pregnancy."

It's not explained how the alleged news supposedly leaked from "those close to the couple" to "people around them" to this single anonymous snitch. Yet the unnamed insider goes on to claim, "Christina is keeping it coy for now... People have noticed she's been avoiding alcohol and sushi and covering up a lot." Then another unidentifiable "sources" fixates even more on Aguilera's body, asserting, "She's definitely packed on the pounds, but it's not because her eating or drinking is out of control. It's all for the right reasons."

That's a change from less than a month ago, when the outlet's sister publication, Star, insisted Aguilera had been "dumped" by Rutler and "started to eat her feelings — and never stopped." In that article, it was alleged she was "stuffing herself" and "already put on at least 65 pounds" because she was so "depressed" over the supposed split. Now weeks later, it's said Aguilera is happily still with Rutler, is "totally glowing," and that her size is all due to a pregnancy.

But Aguilera looks anything but pregnant in a Instagram photo she shared just one day ago, nor did she in an Instagram snapshot last month. It's no secret that Aguilera's weight has fluctuated over the years, but instead of recognizing that bodies change and evolve over time, the gossip media is always quick to label women either grossly overweight or pregnant. Sometimes neither is true, as is the case here.

And while the site acknowledges that Aguilera is going on her "Liberation Tour" this fall, it doesn't explain how that jives with a pregnancy. If the singer was far enough along that she's visibly expecting, as claimed here, traveling the country and taking the stage night and after night would not be in her best interest. In June, Aguilera even admitted that touring as a mom of two is "scary" for her. She said nothing about complicating matters further with a pregnancy.

To recap, in early July a tabloid claimed Aguilera and Rutler had broken up, leading her to binge-eat and gain weight. Now in early August, that magazine's sister website is contending the couple is still together and her size is due to a pregnancy. Yet recent photos of the performer show there's nothing unusual about her shape that would suggest either a pregnancy or obesity. Additionally, Aguilera will spend the next three months on the road, which isn't conducive to a pregnancy.

Gossip Cop also spoke with one of her confidantes, who declined to go on record to respect her privacy. That said, we're told it's "not true" she is pregnant. Time will prove that to be the case, just like it proved she and Rutler never split, as we rightly said weeks ago.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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