Christina Aguilera NOT Joining “American Idol,” Despite Report

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Christina Aguilera American Idol

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Christina Aguilera American Idol


Christina Aguilera is not on her way to joining “American Idol,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

In one of its signature “exclusives,” which often turn out to be made up, HollywoodLife asserts, “Since ‘The Voice’ nabbed some big-time ‘American Idol’ alums for upcoming seasons, ABC is looking to retaliate and get OG ‘Voice’ coach, Christina Aguilera, for its judging panel.” The site claims ABC wants to get “revenge” after Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson signed up as coaches on “The Voice.” And Aguilera is supposedly key to that plan.

“ABC is ready to make a serious offer to steal Christina from ‘The Voice,’” a so-called “insider” alleges to the webloid. The outlet’s purported tipster contends, “They are looking to pay Christina a lot and sell the fact to her that ‘The Voice’ has forgotten about her. ‘Idol’ is very much ready to make the move and hopes Christina bites.”

But there’s a few reasons this alleged scheme doesn’t make much sense. First off, Clarkson and Hudson weren’t randomly stolen away from “American Idol.” Both developed connections with “The Voice” long before it was announced “Idol” was returning. Clarkson first appeared on the NBC competition as a guest adviser all the way back in season two in 2012, and Hudson recently served as a coach on the U.K. edition. With the pair already entangled with the show, it’s really not that surprising that they signed on for new roles, and it doesn’t make much sense that ABC would want revenge.

The second problem with this story’s contentions is the Aguilera component. While the article maintains ABC is “hoping to steal her” from “The Voice,” there’s no consideration given as to whether she’d even want to join “Idol.” And there’s some points to be made for why she may not. Though both reality shows are music competitions, the judges on “Idol” have a less significant role than the coaches do on “The Voice.” The judges merely give feedback, while the coaches pick contestants and mentor their team throughout the series. When a winner is named, it’s the coach who wins, too. It’s a more participatory project, and one that Aguilera has already mastered. Last year, as Gossip Cop reported, she became the first female coach to ever win “The Voice.” She has nothing left to prove.

ABC has been playing its cards relatively close to the vest, not giving any indication of who the network or producers are considering to join Katy Perry on the panel. It seems unlikely, though, that two pop stars would both get the gig. All that said, Gossip Cop also spoke with a number of people close to both productions, and no one could confirm any talk of Aguilera switching from “The Voice” to “American Idol.” “Don’t think there’s any truth to that,” one contact said of HollywoodLies’ report. If something should change, Gossip Cop will update, but at this point, this looks like just another instance of the webloid coming up with a fake news angle to a hot topic.

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