Christina Aguilera “Marrying For Money” Claim NOT True

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Christina Aguilera Marrying Money

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Christina Aguilera Marrying Money

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Christina Aguilera is not “marrying for money.” A tabloid report claims the singer only wants to tie the knot with Matt Rutler to reap a financial reward. Gossip Cop, however, can confirm the allegation is false.

A story in Star begins, “For richer or for… richer? Christina Aguilera is finally set to wed stay-at-home dad Matthew Rutler nearly four years after he proposed.” But, according to the gossip magazine, the pop star “isn’t looking for commitment.” Rather, “she’s looking for a paycheck,” claims the outlet.

“She swears it’s not about the money. But her finances are fading and so are the freebies,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. This supposed snitch speculates to the outlet, “Their wedding photos could easily fetch a couple million.” The outlet’s alleged tipster further contends, “Christina and Matt are notoriously private about their relationship. But they’re willing to open up if the price is right.”

Actually, the couple isn’t that private. They just only speak about their relationship when there’s something to say, such as when Aguilera and Rutler did a People interview in 2015 after their daughter’s birth. And while it’s true Aguilera was seen leaving a bridal store last month, that doesn’t mean it’s dollar signs that are motivating her to say “I do,” if and when she actually does. Gossip Cop is assured this tale is “ridiculous.” In addition to still receiving nice royalties from her music, we’re also told Aguilera pocketed good money as a coach on “The Voice” for six seasons.

Curiously, Star’s sister publication, OK!, just contradictorily claimed Aguilera was secretly married to Rutler after supposedly eloping in Italy in September. It obviously makes no sense for one tabloid to be asserting the performer has already tied the knot at the same time its fellow magazine is  maintaining she’s unwed, but going to marry just make money. The conflicting narratives indicate that neither outlet really knows what’s going on, otherwise the reporting would be both consistent and accurate.

But Star and its ilk have been spreading falsehoods about Aguilera for years. In fact, it was two years ago that the publication wrongly claimed she was pregnant with a third child. It was even said she’d be “walking down the aisle with a beautiful baby bump.” Gossip Cop busted that story when it came out, and time has proven we were right. No baby or wedding followed.