Christina Aguilera Kisses “The Voice” Contestant Kata Hay — WATCH VIDEO!

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Christina Aguilera Kisses Voice Contestant Kata Hay Video

By Shari Weiss |

Christina Aguilera Kisses Voice Contestant Kata Hay Video


Christina Aguilera kissed “The Voice” contestant Kata Hay on Tuesday’s show, making Pharrell, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton go nuts. Check out the video below!

The openly-gay Hay hit the stage full of confidence for her blind audition, and gave a spirited performance of “Redneck Woman.” The self-proclaimed “redneck” finally won over three of the coaches at the very end, with Aguilera, Pharrell, and Levine pushing their buttons almost simultaneously. But they got more than they bargained for when they turn around.

Hay immediately ran up to Levine and gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek as Pharrell stood up and watched with amused shock. He was next to get some affection, and then Aguilera told her, “You gotta love me, too!” Shelton didn’t even buzz in, but he also received a huge embrace from the enthusiastic aspiring star, and she told him, “I used to sing with you at the Oklahoma Opry…” when she was three and he had a mullet.

Everyone had a good laugh over Hay’s energy, and when Aguilera was feeling a little rejected in favor Levine, the contestant assured her, “You were my official first girl crush.” The two then started to flirt, prompting Aguilera to exclaim, “Should we just make out now? Because I was your first crush. Let’s just get it overwith, so we can get to work.”

With that, Hay determinedly walked up to Aguilera’s chair, and the two shared smooch on the lips. Perhaps needless to say, but the guys had quite the reaction, particularly Pharrell. Aguilera even quipped, “If you pick me there’s more of that to come.” Shelton stood up to applaud at that, and Pharrell was convinced he was dreaming. Levine cracked, “This is the ‘Twilight Zone.’ I don’t know what’s going on!”

And the come-on worked! Hay picked Aguilera to be her coach, even as her family waiting in the wings, including her girlfriend, urged her to choose Levine. With that, “The Voice” started playing “I Kissed A Girl.” After the broadcast, the show’s official Twitter account even tweeted, “@xtina IS OFFICIALLY THE FIRST COACH TO KISS AN ARTIST IN VOICE HISTORY.”

Watch how it all went down below!


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