Christina Aguilera NOT Joining “American Idol” Reboot As Judge, Despite Report

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Christina Aguilera American Idol Judge

By Shari Weiss |

Christina Aguilera American Idol Judge

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Christina Aguilera is not “considering joining” a supposed “American Idol” reboot as a judge, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the nonsense.

According to OK!, Aguilera “may have been booted from ‘The Voice’ for Miley Cyrus, but the singer is already looking ahead to her next possible TV gig.” And that very first sentence contains a lie. As Gossip Cop has already accurately reported, Aguilera was NOT “booted” from “The Voice” in any way. She is taking the next season off, just as she does every other cycle.

Still, with its false premise, the outlet goes on to write, “Aguilera has expressed interest in joining ‘American Idol’ as a judge now that rumors are growing that the show’s team is considering bringing it back for another season!” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “It’s not that unlikely we could see another ‘American Idol’ season, because the ratings this year are better than they’ve been in years.”

And that’s another lie. “American Idol” had better ratings than in recent years for last week’s finale episodes, but the rest of the season continued the show’s downward trend. After continuing to misrepresent basic facts, the supposed source claims, “Rumors around Fox studios is that there’s a huge surge of support to give the show another run. And with someone like Christina on board, they would seriously consider a four-person panel this time.”

Now OK! is just getting way ahead of itself. While “Idol” creator Simon Fuller has expressed interest in doing a “revamped” version of the series in the future, it is nowhere near close to coming to fruition, despite the tabloid trying to make it seem like such a “reboot” is imminent. Furthermore, Aguilera is NOT contemplating jumping ship and abandoning “The Voice” for “American Idol.”

OK! simply wanted to connect the two rival competition shows, and used Aguilera as the link. And the magazine has been telling tall tales about the singer for years, such as an absurd story in 2013 that claimed she was in a “body battle” with Britney Spears. Yeah, it’s rather hard to believe the outlet has reliable Aguilera sources about that or anything else.

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Christina Aguilera is joining the “American Idol” reboot as a judge.

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