Is Christina Aguilera's engagement off? A new report speculates the pop star secretly split from fiance Matthew Rutler and is "back on the market." But Gossip Cop has exclusively confirmed with Aguilera's rep that the couple is still together. There is also much evidence to support that.

Star, however, claims "pals fear" Aguilera and Rutler's relationship is "over" because was "spied without her ring." The tabloid points out that the singer went solo to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on April 29, and also wasn't wearing her engagement ring at the racing event. "Something is up," a so-called "confidante close to the diva" concludes. This supposed source contends, "She seems very sad lately... Christina is normally so full of life and happy."

"But in the last few weeks she's gone quiet, and now the ring is gone, too. Everyone's wondering what's going on," asserts the magazine's alleged tipster. Gossip Cop has to wonder how "close" this "confidante" is to Aguilera if he or she isn't sure "what's going on." Further showing that this purported insider is merely making assumptions, the unnamed person guesses that it "has to sting" for Rutler that Aguilera spends so much time with her kids and on her career, supposedly to his expense. Presumes the outlet's questionable snitch, "Perhaps Matt voiced his concerns and that annoyed her, so the ring came off."

This is really just empty theorizing because Aguilera went on an oversees trip without her family and didn't flash her engagement ring. The publication is conveniently ignoring proof that her relationship status is unchanged. Just last month, Aguilera posted a birthday tribute to Rutler on Instagram, praising him as "wonderful father, loving man and hardest worker I know." The picture she chose to share is one in which he is kissing her.

Additionally, in March Paper magazine released a new cover story with Aguilera in which it referred to her "fiance Matt Rutler." Similarly, and more recently, Aguilera's Billboard cover story published just last week also notes Rutler is her "fiance." Both features were done in cooperation with the performer and her camp, and were fact-checked by the publications' respective staffs. Had Star done some fact-checking and research of its own, it could've easily learned that the couple is still together.

Gossip Cop also spoke with Aguilera's spokesperson, who exclusively tells us it's "not true" the engagement is off. It should also be noted that this erroneous breakup story comes less than six months after this same tabloid insisted Aguilera was "marrying for money" and planning to tie the knot with Rutler just so she could get a "paycheck" from selling wedding photos. Such nuptials never happened, and those wrong contentions aren't even acknowledged in this new and equally off-base report about a nonexistent split.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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