Christina Aguilera NOT “Diva” On The Voice, Despite Facts-Free Report

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Christina Aguilera Diva

By Daniel Gates |

Christina Aguilera Diva

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RadarOnline has published a predictably off-base story wrongly alleging Christina Aguilera is a “diva” whose “antics” have supposedly created problems on “The Voice.” Gossip Cop can bust the report, which comes from the same outlet that has repeatedly spread lies about Aguilera, including a phony report about her supposedly refusing to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and a made-up story about her feuding with Miley Cyrus.

The webloid, which, like its tabloid brethren, spends as much time as possible trying to portray women in a negative light, claims Aguilera “has production staff reeling over her on-set diva antics.” One so-called “insider” tells RadarOnline, “She just has ridiculous demands since coming back as a judge, and everyone is wishing she did not return!” The outlet fails to name any of these alleged “demands,” since they’re made up.

“Christina is such a terror to work with,” says the RadarOnline source. “She is frequently late and she doesn’t even seem to care or apologize for holding up the filming of the show.” The webloid makes unsubstantiated allegations about Aguilera feuding with the show’s other stars, and the outlet’s source declares, “Since Christina brings in the ratings, she feels that she owns the place and can demand whatever she wants.”

Uh-huh. None of this is true. For one thing, RadarOnline has absolutely no connection to “The Voice” production. How do we know? Well, the show hasn’t been shooting for months. The pre-taped episodes were done three months ago. The live episodes don’t start until April. Aguilera is currently shooting “Nashville,” not “The Voice.” RadarOnline should have checked the production schedule before making up this lame “diva” story.

Moreover, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “stupid,” pointing out that Aguilera worked on an album with her fellow coach Pharrell. “If she is so awful, why did [he] decide to work with her?” asks our source, astutely. Maybe because RadarOnline fabricated an Aguilera story. Again.


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