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Christina Aguilera did not act like a "diva" at a restaurant, despite a made-up story. Gossip Cop can correct this false report, which offer absolutely no specifics or proof of its claim. Still, we investigated the tale and found out it's untrue.

According to a ridiculously vague article in this week's Star, "Aguilera served up a big portion of diva-style attitude during a recent visit to an upscale Beverly Hills restaurant." A so-called "table tattle" is quoted as saying, "When the waiter came to get her order, the singer went stone cold silent." The same seemingly manufactured source continues, "She whipped out a pair of dark sunglasses, put them on, then whispered her menu selections to an assistant seated next to her, who in turn gave the order to the waiter... For some reason, she didn't feel like talking to her server directly."

There is so much that is journalistically lacking that it's difficult to decide where to begin. Unlike legitimately reported stories, the tabloid doesn't mention where or when this supposed incident took place. Generally, in instances like this, the reason key details are left out is because the article is fully fabricated and never happened. If the date and name of the restaurant had been mentioned, it would be easy to debunk because Gossip Cop would be able to first see if Aguilera was in California on that specific date and, if so, we would call over to the eatery and find out if was there and how she behaved.

Even if we were to lean over backwards and give the magazine the benefit of the doubt that it actually occurred at some random Beverly Hills restaurant on some unspecified date, the outlet is merely speculating that Aguilera was a "diva" for whispering her order to her assistant, who then told the waiter what she wanted to eat in a loud and clear voice. It's actually not uncommon for singers to save their voices before performances or tours. In fact, Aguilera is going on the road for the first time in more than 10 years with her Liberation Tour, starting on September 25. Perhaps she's taking care of her voice, considering Aguilera previously canceled a tour in 2004 because she strained her vocal cords.

The reality, however, is that none of this ever took place. While the tabloid hid behind an unnamed and untraceable "table tattle," Gossip Cop checked in with Aguilera's rep, who often speaks to the singer and was authorized to comment on her behalf. Her spokesperson tells us on the record the tabloid's vague and unverifiable claims are "not true."

While Star likes to write about the "Beautiful" singer a lot, it's not very accurate. Just a couple of months ago, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it wrongly maintained Aguilera was dumped by Matthew Rutler. The two are still together. And just a couple of days before that blunder, the same outlet falsely reported Aguilera was dropped by her record label RCA, a claim both her rep and the label said was untrue. Maybe it's time the writers at that tabloid stop acting like divas and start fact-checking their articles.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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