Christian Bale Has “Makeout Session” With Adam McKay At Critics’ Choice Awards

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Christian Bale Makeeout Adam McKay Video

By Shari Weiss |

Christian Bale Makeeout Adam McKay Video

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Christian Bale had a “makeout session” with Adam McKay at Sunday’s 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards. Watch below!

After it was announced Bale had won Best Actor In A Comedy for The Big Short, he kissed wife Sibi Blazic. He then planted a smooch on writer-director McKay, hugged him, and then kissed him again. Screenwriter Charles Randolph received a passionate kiss, too.

Upon taking the stage, Bale announced to the star-studded crowd, “That was just a lovely makeout session with my wife and with Adam and with Charles. We all really got to know each other very well on this film.” But that wasn’t the end of it.

When The Big Short later won Best Comedy, Bale and McKay again kissed, this time on stage. Taking the microphone, the funny filmmaker quipped, “That’s collaborative love between Christian and I. Don’t judge it. It’s what fuels movies like this.”

McKay and Randolph also won Best Adapted Screenplay, though the film lost Best Picture, Best Acting Ensemble, and Best Editing to the night’s other two big winners, Spotlight and Mad Max: Fury Road. Bale’s acting win actually came at the expense of his co-star Steve Carell, who was also nominated for the same award. Check out the kissing videos below.


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