Christian Bale Starring In ‘Revenant’ Rip-Off To Get Revenge On Leonardo DiCaprio?

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Christian Bale Leonardo DiCaprio Revenant

By Andrew Shuster |

Christian Bale Leonardo DiCaprio Revenant

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Christian Bale is NOT plotting revenge against Leonardo DiCaprio by starring in a rip-off of The Revenant, despite a bogus tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it’s “ridiculous.”

Bale recently signed on to star in the adventure drama, Hostiles, in which he’ll play an 1800s Army captain who embarks on a perilous journey through dangerous territory. The film’s plot is somewhat similar to The Revenant, which according to Star, is the only reason that Bale is making the film. The tabloid claims that Bale is bitter about supposedly losing the Revenant lead role to DiCaprio, whose performance in the film won him the Oscar for Best Actor.

A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “It’s an open Hollywood secret that Christian hates Leo.” The supposed source further alleges that Bale’s upcoming film is a “straight-up rip-off of The Revenant,” but the actor plans to “eclipse his nemesis” by making a better movie. “Unless Christian can make this role incredibly unique, he’s just going to end up looking like a copycat,” adds the outlet’s seemingly phony insider.

But the first flaw with the publication’s tale is that Bale and DiCaprio never competed for the starring role in The Revenant. The movie had actually been in development for more than a decade prior to its release, and Bale was in talks for a different iteration of the project way back in 2010, well before DiCaprio ever became involved.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Bale, who exclusively assures us the tabloid’s claim that the actor is making a Revenant-esque film to get back at DiCaprio is completely “ridiculous.” Additionally, there’s no animosity between Bale and DiCaprio, and the magazine’s entire account is simply made-up.

Of course, Gossip Cop isn’t shocked by the publication’s false report. Gossip Cop previously called out Star for making the absurd claim that Bale ordered an assistant to kill one of his fans with a screwdriver. We also debunked the tabloid’s untrue assertion that DiCaprio had a secret profile on the dating app, Tinder. This latest story involving the two actors is similarly fabricated.


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