Christian Bale Returning As Batman?

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Christian Bale Batman

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Christian Bale Batman

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Is Christian Bale returning as Batman? A story from exactly one year ago today maintained he was offered such an insane amount of money, there was no way Bale could pass on reprising his role as the Dark Knight. But as Gossip Cop reported back then, the claim was untrue, and it’s still false 365 days later.

On November 30, 2017, OK! asserted it had an “insider” who contended Warner Bros. went back to Bale, the star of three Batman movies, and made him an offer so big, it was “impossible” for him to turn down the studio. The magazine even editorialized that Bale should “take the money and run.” So how much exactly did the publication claim Bale was promised to play Batman again? According to the outlet, he was offered an astounding $100 million.

While the tabloid predicated its narrative on an unnamed and untraceable “source,” Gossip Cop fact-checked the magazine’s report with the subjects of the story. Warner Bros. assured us the outlet’s tale was “categorically false.” Meanwhile, we also spoke with Bale’s rep, who told us on behalf of the actor that the claim was not true.

A full year has passed and none of the top trade publications have verified or even made the same claim. And the reason is because the entire premise was phony. Recently, the writer and director of the next Batman movie, Matt Reeves, gave an update on the Warner Bros. reboot, and noted his film would be “separate from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight universe,” meaning it would not include Bale.

Even Bale himself said he would “never” return as Batman. Among the reasons he cited back in 2014 was that he felt he was too old for the role and the film’s fight sequences. He admitted at the time, “You’ve done [a fight sequence] 100 times and you’re just getting slower and slower, and sloppier.”

It also bears mentioning, no one has ever been paid a straight salary of $100 million for a single movie. While some have made more than that over time, through deals on the backend and merchandising, Robert Downey Jr. holds the title for being the highest paid film actor, having received a salary of $40 million for Captain America: Civil War in 2014. (By the tabloid’s math, Bale was being offered two and a half times that.) Gossip Cop reported 12 months ago the story about Bale being offered $100 million to play Batman again was inaccurate, and it remains wrong to this day.


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