Christian Bale Offered $100 Million To Play Batman Again?

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Christian Bale Batman

By Michael Lewittes |

Christian Bale Batman

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Christian Bale has not been offered $100 million to play Batman again, contrary to a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s “categorically false.”

According to OK!, Warner Bros. is wooing Christian Bale to return in the iconic role and dangling a huge carrot: $100 million.” The tabloid alleges that after Ben Affleck “received mixed reviews” for his portrayal of the Caped Crusader, the film studio went back to Bale, who played Batman in three films. A so-called “insider” tells the outlet, Christian was approached about playing Batman again a few years ago, but he turned it down.”

The supposed “insider” continues, “Now they’re making it virtually impossible for him to say no. A lot of names have been thrown around, but nobody else has been offered this kind of cash.” The publication ends its article by suggesting that Bale, who once said he was disappointed with his portrayal of Batman, should “take the money and run.”

This $100 million offer to the actor, of course, is big news. It’s even bigger news to Warner Bros. A spokesman for the movie studio responsible for the Batman movies exclusively tells Gossip Cop the magazine’s entire story is “categorically false.” His rep also assures us on the record that it’s untrue. And it it should be noted that a quick search online shows that none of the trade magazine has published this phony claim.

This is actually the second inaccurate story about Bale that the tabloid has published in the past few months. In late September, Gossip Cop corrected the outlet when it wrongly maintained that Bale was “miserable” after gaining a load of weight for his role as Dick Cheney in the upcoming film Backseat. The magazine contended that, while promoting another movie of his at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Bale was “crabby” and nearly walked out of the photo call for Hostile.

But Gossip Cop was told by a source at TIFF that it “never happened.” We were also assured that Bale’s weight gain didn’t make him moody. Based on that story and it’s latest off-base tale about Bale being wooed with $100 million to play Batman again, it’s clear OK!’s sources are not okay.