Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Mock Her Amazing Golden Globes Crying Face (PICS)

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Chrissy Teigen Crying Face Golden Globes

By Shari Weiss |

Chrissy Teigen Crying Face Golden Globes


John Legend won big at the Golden Globes on Sunday, but it was Chrissy Teigen’s crying face that may have secured a permanent place in pop culture history. As Legend, along with Common, accepted the award for Best Song, the cameras showed Teigen with a tearful, pained expression. The, uh, interesting look immediately set Twitter abuzz.

“Sorry I don’t practice my cry face okay,” Teigen tweeted amid the online hysteria. “It’s been 5 minutes and I’m a meme.” Indeed, a number of people began tweeting screengrabs of the model’s face with funny captions. Teigen even retweeted one pic that hilariously had her awkward, not smiling but not frowning mouth replacing her eyes.

Of course, Teigen is known for often poking fun of herself, and she and Legend both mocked her crying face in another picture, in which they attempt to recreate the facial expression. In all seriousness, no one can fault Teigen for being overcome with emotion as she watched her husband receive such a big honor. She later posted a photo to Instagram that shows her kissing Legend, with the caption, “I have never been so proud in my life.”

As Gossip Cop reported, the singer and collaborator Common both gave moving acceptance speeches. “I’m so honored to be a part to of this amazing film that honors such amazing people that did great work and is so connected to what’s happening right now,” Legend said. “We still are in solidarity with those who are out there fighting for justice right now, and we’re so grateful to write this song, hopefully, as an inspiration to them.”

Check out the Teigen pictures below, along with a cute video slideshow of snapshots the couple took at the InStyle/Warner Bros. after party.


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