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Not too long ago, Chrissy Metz revealed her new beau, Bradley Collins, on her social media. But, a tabloid is now reporting that the blossoming romance may be in crisis. Gossip Cop investigates the story.

Chrissy Metz's Romance Is In Trouble Already?

According to In Touch, the This Is Us star’s relationship could be hitting a rough patch. With the headline, “Chrissy’s Love Life Is A Metz,” the tabloid asserts that the actress’ new love is struggling amid the current pandemic. “She’s trying to take the pandemic in stride. But it’s messing with her love life. They hardly get to see each other,” an insider snitches.

The magazine notes that Metz resides in Los Angeles while Collins, who is a music executive, lives in Nashville, Tennessee. The publication details how the pair met months ago and haven’t stopped gushing about each other after beginning their relationship. “But,” the unnamed insider adds, “now, that’s died down and everything is up in the air.” The source concludes by mentioning, “Chrissy blames the state of the world.”

We Don't Believe There's Any Trouble In Paradise

It’s intriguing that the tabloid would suggest Chrissy Metz’s relationship is in peril or that the two don’t see each other when, in fact, the actress just spent the holiday with her boyfriend. In a recent Instagram post, the television star mentions Bradley Collins in the caption, stating:

Sharing time and the kitchen with @bradley_collins was the best, a close second was his amazing mac & cheese! (He puts love into everything he does)

From the sweet words the actress shared about her beau, Gossip Cop highly doubts the magazine’s narrative is even remotely correct. Also, Gossip Cop corrected another dubious report from the National Enquirer about the American Horror Story: Freak Show star’s romance being too suspicious. Yes, Metz’s relationship seems to have gotten serious in what some would call a short amount of time, but to argue that she’s already having problems or there should be concerns is a bit ridiculous.

More Bogus Celebrity Romance Reports

As for In Touch, the tabloid has a habit of alleging celebrity couples are in some sort of relationship turmoil. For example, last August, the publication claimed that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s marital issues were leading to a split. Gossip Cop checked with our impeccable source that was close to the situation, who confirmed that the report was false.

In October, the same magazine asserted that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship had awkward tension in it. Gossip Cop didn’t even see the need to correct the phony narrative, especially since the pair are newly engaged. Nonetheless, we busted the bogus article.

Simply put, the tabloid’s poor track record is more proof why its tale about Chrissy Metz is complete nonsense.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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