Chris Zylka Bashes Ex-Fiancee Hanna Beth on Twitter and Instagram Following Split

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Chris Zylka Hanna Beth Fight

By Minyvonne Burke |

Chris Zylka Hanna Beth Fight

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Chris Zylka and model Hanna Beth have ended their engagement, and “The Leftovers” actor has taken to social media to bash his former fiancee. On Wednesday, Zylka alluded to the split with an Instagram, writing, “I’m disappointed that I didn’t see how fake you were, or pay attention to the backstabbing you did in front of me.”

“I will rise up,” he added, before turning to Twitter to lash out at Beth some more. “When someone’s boyfriend shows up at they’re (sic) house with flowers while you’re in that someone’s bed. Don’t get involved with them,” wrote Zylka. The actor then posted another tweet, this time tagging his ex-fiancee. “@chriszylka @TheHannaBeth no it was in the bed and the guy from boy London was with the flowers. Pink flowers to be exact.”

Beth seemingly tried to avoid a war of words with Zylka, telling her Twitter followers that they should ignore “when people try to put you down or call you names.” She added, “The only person they’re actually talking about is themselves. Hate gets you nowhere.”

“When people don’t get their way, they want to bring you down,” Beth continued in another tweet. “Don’t let them. No reaction is better than any reaction. Making up lies about someone cause you are hurt will never work or make you feel better.” Beth has since deleted her tweets.

Zylka, however, continued to berate the model. On Thursday, he tweeted “@TheHannaBeth have fun ‘staying sober’ groupie” after she posted about hanging out with a friend. Zylka later deleted all his tweets after fans started to criticize him for the comments he made about his ex-girlfriend.

Back in 2012, when he and Lucy Hale split, Zylka complained about it on social media. He told his Twitter followers that Hale had “decided she was too good.” After backlash, he added, “If you all even knew :(… Never any disrespect towards anyone. Only if you say what you say you should stick to it. If you say you love then love.” Zylka later apologized for “tarnishing” Hale online. Given his comments about Beth, it’s not clear whether he learned his lesson.


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