Chris Weaver “The Voice” Audition Video – Watch “Try A Little Tenderness” Performance!

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Chris Weaver The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Weaver The Voice Audition Video


Chris Weaver was the very first audition featured on the season 13 premiere of “The Voice” on Monday, and he scored a four-chair turn. Watch the video below!

Before taking the stage, Weaver revealed he’s a worship leader who grew up singing in church. Openly gay, he spends his nights performing as a drag queen. “I don’t think anybody has a story like mine,” he said. And with the NBC competition, he said, “I can take the mask off and show who this voice really is.” He added, “I’m just ready to give the real me.”

When it came time for his big try-out, Weaver was only a few words in when Adam Levine hit his button. New judge Jennifer Hudson, giving a look that suggested she’s not one to be trifled with, immediately followed. The aspiring star’s parents could be seen enthusiastically reacting on the side of the stage with host Carson Daly. Levine then stood as Weaver continued to soulfully sing the classic song, and as the tempo picked up, Miley Cyrus turned around. Blake Shelton pushed his button, too, moments later, and by this point, Hudson was also out of her seat, as was Cyrus. Hudson even tapped Shelton on the shoulder and pointed at the contestant, as if to say, “Are you seeing this?!”

Shelton finally joined his standing co-stars at the end to give Weaver a full ovation. Levine and Hudson immediately began fighting for his attention, but she quickly gained the upper-hand. The performer revealed he first met Hudson two years ago at a party for The Color Purple. He even brought a picture. “We’re done,” Cyrus quickly concluded. But Levine, who threw both his shoe and jacket on stage, wasn’t going to give up so easily. As he went to unbuckle his belt, Shelton begged, “Please leave your pants on.”

And despite Weaver’s obvious connection with Hudson, Cyrus confessed, “I am so thirsty to win. I want to win and I’ll do it with you.” He and Hudson then bonded over their church backgrounds, with the former “American Idol” contestant declaring, “God gave you that voice to sing far and beyond.” Trying to latch on to another one of Weaver’s interests, Blake Shelton said he’s won the NBC competition with artists from various genres, “but I’ve never won with a drag queen.” Added Levine, “You’re the first person who’s ever auditioned who’s giving us an opportunity, not the other way around. You’re a phenomenal singer, but you’re even more special than that to me.”

At this point, Weaver was crying and had a huge decision to make as Cyrus and Hudson made last-minute pitches. Ultimately, he chose to join Team J-Hud! Check out the video below!

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