Chris Weaver, Kathrina Feigh “The Voice” Battle Video – Watch “Dangerous Woman” Performance

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Chris Weaver Kathrina Feigh Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Weaver Kathrina Feigh Voice Battle Video


Chris Weaver and Kathrina Feigh sang Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” during the first night of “The Voice” season 13 Battles, as seen on Monday. The performance culminated in a steal. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Weaver was the very first audition showcased on the season premiere last month. The openly-gay worship leader and drag queen turned all four chairs with his performance of “Try A Little Tenderness.” He ultimately chose Jennifer Hudson to be in his coach. She is the NBC competition’s newest judge, coming off a winning stint on “The Voice UK.”

Now Hudson paired Weaver with another member of Team J-Hud, Feigh, for the second part of the reality show. In this phase, the contestants have to sing duets together, all the while knowing only one of them will get to stay on the team. To help get the duo ready for their big performance, Hudson brought in Kelly Rowland as a special guest adviser. In rehearsal, Hudson said of this match-up, “They’re my powerhouses. I want to see who delivers the most powerful and memorable performance.” Feigh commented, “Chris is a powerhouse… I just want Jennifer to see that I took this direction and made it my own.” And Hudson’s advice reassured Weaver, “I definitely feel I picked the right coach.”

Following the powerful performance, Miley Cyrus could be heard exclaiming, “Damn!” She went on to tell Feigh, “You did such an amazing job going against Chris. [His] voice is so crazy… I think you set the standards of the Battles. You all set the standards so high.” Levine told Feigh, “You did an incredible job. You were right there with him. You did not let him overpower you… He is a force of nature that can’t be stopped.” Shelton also told her, “You literally had the song by the throat. The only difference is Chris had the song by the throat and he was slapping it at the same time.”

Hudson further told the strong songstress, “You held your own, honey. You did that. Give her her credit.” And she said of Weaver, “What we call that type of voice at J-Hud Productions is a freight train.” As she hemmed and hawed, the Oscar and Grammy winner confessed, “I hate this part so much, especially because I feel like everybody did what they’re supposed to do.”

In the end, Hudson decided Weaver was the winner and kept him on her team. And with Feigh up for grabs, Shelton decided to make the steal, saving her from elimination. “Here at B-Shelton productions,” he quipped, “we try not to let great talent get away.” Check out the video below!

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