Chris Wallace Apologizes For “Offensive Comment” About Kelly Clarkson’s Weight

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Chris Wallace Kelly Clarkson Apology

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Wallace Kelly Clarkson Apology

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Chris Wallace released a statement on Sunday apologizing for his “offensive comment” about Kelly Clarkson’s weight. Read his apology below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the “Fox News Sunday” host made a radio appearance on Friday in which the conversation on “The Mike Gallagher Show” bizarrely turned from pizza to fat shaming. Gallagher threw the first dig at Clarkson, bringing her into the discussion out of nowhere. “Have you seen Kelly Clarkson? You know the singer, Kelly Clarkson? Holy cow, did she blow up,” commented the radio personality.

But while Wallace didn’t at first agree with Gallagher, he went on to say of Clarkson, “She could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while.” The cruel remark sparked outrage online, and even Wallace’s Fox News colleague, Greta Van Susteren, objected. “This ‘guy snickering’ about her weight is obnoxious. He should apologize,” she wrote on her blog.

It took two days for Wallace to take the advice. In a statement furnished to Gossip Cop through a rep, Wallace says, “I sincerely apologize to Kelly Clarkson for my offensive comment. I admire her remarkable talent and that should have been the focus of any discussion about her.”

For his part, Gallagher posted a statement on his website Saturday saying, “Tubby Mike is the last person in the world who should bring up anyone’s weight. I couldn’t possibly feel any worse than I do for making an observation that led to the conclusion that I ‘fat-shamed”’this talented and classy entertainer. It was a really stupid thing for me to do.”

Clarkson hasn’t acknowledged the situation. What do you think of Wallace’s apology?


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