Chris Soules Fiancee Whitney Bischoff NOT “Pregnant And Dumped,” Despite Claim

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Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff Life Style

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff Life Style


“Whitney’s Worst Nightmare: Pregnant and Dumped” reads the headline of a bait-and-switch tabloid story about Chris Soules and his fiancée Whitney Bischoff.

So, is Bischoff pregnant? Was she dumped by Soules? No and no, despite what Life & Style wants readers to believe with a sensational story in its new issue. Of course, Life & Style is the same outlet that just last week published a cover story declaring Soules and Bischoff were “over already.” The magazine was flat-out wrong, and now it’s trying to cover its tracks with a new article about Bischoff’s supposed fear of a breakup.

The tabloid alleges Soules has completely deserted Bischoff since he joined “Dancing with the Stars,” and quotes a so-called “insider” as claiming, “Whitney feels like she’s already been dumped.” The magazine goes on to write, “And that means her worst fear could become a reality: She could end up pregnant and alone.” The rest of the story is filled with nonsense about Bischoff being “jealous” of Soules’ “Dancing with the Stars” partner Witney Carson, and supposedly feeling duped by the “Bachelor” star.

But it’s readers who should be feeling misled because Soules and Bischoff are on the same page; it’s Life & Style that isn’t. Both reality stars have repeatedly stated that they look forward to having kids AFTER they settle in Iowa AFTER “Dancing with the Stars.” This is something they planned together, not a curveball that was thrown at Bischoff, and not something that will leave her “pregnant and dumped.”

Furthermore, the suggestion that Bischoff has been abandoned in favor of Carson is equally false. Hours before the Life & Style article hit newsstands, Bischoff actually shared an Instagram photo showing herself happily posing with Carson, and even praising her (see below). “W(h)it’s just know how to have fun…and some know how to dance,” she captioned the picture.

And Soules himself even told “Access Hollywood” earlier this week that Bischoff is “totally fine” with things (also below). “I talked to [Bischoff] before I even made a decision to do [Dancing with the Stars]… It’s an opportunity that we both thought was too good to pass up, and would be a lot of fun,” he revealed, adding, “She trusts me. She gets it. She’s a smart woman.”

Regardless, Gossip Cop is told by sources close to the situation that this is just more of the same sensational, facts-free garbage from Life & Style. Bischoff has NO issue with Soules on “Dancing with the Stars,” and she’s NOT worried about getting “pregnant and dumped.”

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