Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff NOT “Over Already,” Despite Life & Style Claim

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Chris Soules Whitney Over Life & Style

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Soules Whitney Over Life & Style

(Life & Style)

Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are NOT “over already,” despite a new tabloid cover story claiming the “Bachelor” star “betrayed” his fiancée. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up report. We’re told by an insider that it’s simply “not true.”

According to Life & Style, Soules “betrayed” Bischoff by not only getting close to her fellow contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe, but by choosing to go on “Dancing with the Stars.” The tabloid says Bischoff now feels “tricked” by Soules, who she supposedly suspects of “using her and the show for fame and money.”

Mostly, says the magazine, Bischoff is supposedly “shocked” that Soules has become “caught up in the hoopla of Hollywood… He’s made it very clear what his priorities are, and they’re not Whitney. They’ll be broken up before ‘DWTS’ wraps. She’s devastated.”

Life & Style fills out the rest of its story with sensationalism, saying how Soules is now “focused on another woman,” namely his “Dancing with the Stars” partner Witney Carson. Soules’ fiancee is “so upset,” alleges the tabloid, “she won’t even talk about the show.”

Of course, the magazine’s premise that Bischoff was blindsided by Soules joining “Dancing with the Stars” is absurd. While their proposal only just aired on television this week, the couple has been engaged since November. They’ve had several months to discuss future plans, including Soules signing up to do the “Dancing with the Stars.” Additionally, in new interviews, both Soules and Bischoff have expressed excitement over being in Los Angeles together before transitioning to living in Iowa full time. Despite Life & Style’s claim, there was no “betrayal” involved.

Whether Soules and Bischoff’s engagement will suffer the fate of so many “Bachelor” (as well as other everyday, non-televised) relationships, only time will tell. However, Gossip Cop is told by an insider that Life & Style’s declaration that Bischoff and Soules are “over already” is just “not true.”


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