Chris Soules Is Not Using Whitney Bischoff For “Fame And Money,” Despite Claim

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Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff Life Style

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff Life Style


Chris Soules is not using his fiancee Whitney Bischoff for “fame and money,” despite another off-base report about the former “Bachelor.” Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim, which was published in one of the tabloids. We’re told it’s “just plain wrong,” and that it’s coming from an outlet that has been “repeatedly wrong.”

Indeed, the story is in the new Life & Style, a magazine that has published inaccurate stories about Soules and Bischoff for several weeks. You’ll recall, Gossip Cop corrected the tabloid last month when it falsely claimed Soules was “in love” with another woman. Similarly, two weeks ago Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it inaccurately reported that Bischoff and Soules were “over already,” and again last week when the publication wrongly stated the “Bachelor” star’s fiancee was “pregnant and dumped.”

Now, that we’ve established Life & Style has a poor track with Soules and Bischoff, let’s examine its latest attempt to capture eyeballs. According to the tabloid, Soules is only “stringing along” Bischoff because he “knows that as soon as his turn on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is done, fans won’t want to watch him anymore — unless he’s with the woman he fell for on TV.” The magazine goes so far as to say that “Chris isn’t really in love with Whitney,” adding that he “clearly prefers spending time with his dance partner Witney Carson.”

The romantics at the tabloid further allege that “as long as he sees dollar signs, Chris won’t let Whitney go.” The magazine then trots out one of its so-called sources to pithily conclude that Soules is “not so in love with the idea of actually getting married, but he loves the idea of doing it on TV.”

Let’s get this straight: Life & Style is saying rather than break up like many other “Bachelor” couples have done, Soules would instead get married before family and friends, and possibly before a minister, as well as the viewing public, just to have another hour or so or air-time? Besides being completely absurd, a source close to the situation assures Gossip Cop, like with its previous stories, Life & Style is again “just plain wrong.”


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