Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff Talk Engagement, Future Plans On Bachelor: After The Final Rose — FULL RECAP!

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Chris Soules Whitney After the Final Rose

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Soules Whitney After the Final Rose


Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff opened up about their engagement and future plans on the live “Bachelor” finale special, “After The Final Rose.” Get the full recap here!

As Gossip Cop reported, Soules proposed to Bischoff in Iowa at the end of “The Bachelor” season finale, shortly after he rejected the other remaining contestant, Becca Tilley. Bischoff, of course, gleefully accepted, and on “After The Final Rose,” the couple happily confirmed they are still engaged.

“I’m not looking back. I’m ready to move forward. All I wanna do is move forward,” Soules told host Chris Harrison, calling Bischoff the “perfect” woman for him. Soules went on to gush, “Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, she’s beyond beautiful on the inside.”

Meanwhile, Bischoff deemed herself “the happiest girl in the entire world,” and interestingly revealed that she didn’t watch Soules’ dates with the other women in the competition. “I feel very confident in our relationship, so I don’t know that it’s a necessity to me,” she explained to Harrison. Bischoff went on to insist that Soules being so torn between her and Tilley didn’t make her nervous at all, and actually thought it may have helped strengthen their relationship. “There’s no secrets here,” she said.

Jimmy Kimmel, who, as Gossip Cop reported, guest-hosted earlier in the season, came out to grill the reality stars, leading them to confess they’re having sex “as much as possible.” He also got the pair to admit they’ve had some typical fights, and then brought them out an incredible gift: a real, live, HUGE cow! It’s name? Juan Pablo!

Speaking of farm animals, the couple said they will eventually settle in Soules’ hometown of Arlington, Iowa “in the future,” but are excited to just be “normal” for now, before eventually having a “big family.” Bischoff called the small farm town part of the “package” that came with Soules, and expressed no reservations about moving there. Surprisingly, wedding plans weren’t really discussed.

Before Soules and Bischoff made their debut as husband-and-wife-to-be, Harrison interviewed Tilley about her rejection, and she had the chance to discuss her breakup with Soules. They were actually admirably civil, and both agreed the decision was for the best. Soules, who acknowledged he had been “falling in love” with Tilley, insisted his interest in her had nothing to do with “the chase,” and that their chemistry from the start was “undeniable.” “I was honest with you in the end and feel confident we’re both in a better place,” he told Tilley, who seemed to feel the same way.

Tilley admitted she’d “never really been in love” before, and didn’t feel comfortable simply saying she was in love on the show because it wouldn’t be “fair” for either of them. She further said she was grateful for the experience, because she now felt ready to really open up and fall in love based on what she learned from their time together. “It’s the weirdest way it could have happened,” she acknowledged, “but it happened.” And Soules said he had “no regrets” after seeing Tilley again for the first time since the split. Sounds like a happy ending for all involved. What do you think of this “Bachelor” season now that it’s over?


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