Did Chris Soules Get A Bachelor Contestant Pregnant?

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Chris Soules Pregnancy On The Bachelor

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Soules Pregnancy On The Bachelor

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When the National Enquirer isn’t outright fabricating articles, it loves to sensationalize. That’s how we get a story in its latest issue that exclaims, “The new season of ‘The Bachelor’ may end in a shotgun wedding — with a pregnancy scandal that will leave viewers waiting to see if small-town stud Chris Soules knocked up a female contestant!” Gossip Cop can confirm, however, that it’s far more misleading than accurate.

The Enquirer bases its piece on a promo for the current season that gives a glimpse at a pregnancy test. The supermarket tabloid has no idea who it belongs to, but nevertheless claims “producers are frantically dealing” with the possibility that Soules impregnated one of his contestants. “Everyone’s been thrown a curve ball with the pregnancy news,” a supposed “source” tells the Enquirer.

The outlet’s “source” goes on to speculate, “Booze is definitely flowing this season. It’s possible that during a drunken bender, Chris and one of the girls got careless, and the girl may have hatched a devious plot to trap him in a pregnancy.”

Of course, the booze is always flowing on “The Bachelor,” and tellingly, the Enquirer’s tipster doesn’t seem to have any clue as to who may be pregnant, saying, “the field… is wide open.” So, basically, the magazine just decided to build a story around the trailer, even though it had no real facts to add.

And the Enquirer even acknowledges that Soules has denied he got one of the women pregnant, but the publication suspects he’s lying just to “fuel the scandal.” Um, it’s more like the opposite. The Enquirer is trying to “fuel the scandal,” even though Soules was unequivocal when he told a media outlet last week, “I can say that no, I am not the [father]. I had nothing to do with the pregnancy test, and I was not involved in that.”

That’s not lying for the sake of drama, as the Enquirer seems to think. That’s truth-telling, something the Enquirer isn’t always good at. Soules does not have a “Bachelor” baby on the way, and the Enquirer likely knew that, but decided to deliver a giant dud anyway.


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