Chris Soules Not “Responding” To Tabloid Stories About Fatal Crash

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Chris Soules Tabloid Stories

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Soules Tabloid Stories

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Chris Soules is on the cover of three tabloids on Wednesday, as the investigation into his fatal car crash continues. But a rep for the former “Bachelor” star tells Gossip Cop he will not be “responding” to any claims from the gossip magazines.

Us Weekly, which is now owned by the same company that publishes OK! and Star, features a cover chip on its new issue teasing, “Chris Soules: A Bachelor’s Tragic Decline.” The In Touch cover has a photo of the reality star exiting a car, with the teaser, “Boozy Night Weeks Before Fatal Crash: Bachelor’s Bartender Tells All.” And Life & Style uses Soules’ mug shot on its cover, blaring, “Bachelor Chris Soules: Tragic Fall From Grace.”

The latter two outlets, which are sister publications, both tout “exclusive” information about Soules’ situation. But all three stories are based in part on anonymous claims. And with his legal case still unfolding, the reality star doesn’t intend to address any of the tabloid allegations.

In a statement furnished to Gossip Cop, a rep for the former “Bachelor” star says, “Neither Mr. Soules nor his legal counsel will be responding to the numerous tabloid style articles and journalists who have been reporting false and misleading stories by citing ‘unnamed sources.’ Rather, they will be focusing on presenting the truth, which will reveal how inaccurate and unfair so many of these news accounts have been.”

“We are confident that the fair-minded citizens of Iowa will do what they’ve always done – reserve judgment until all of the accurate information is properly presented,” adds the spokesperson. While Gossip Cop has been reporting about Soules’ crash and the aftermath, it’s important to note we have not relied on “unnamed sources.” Rather, our articles have been based on police statements and legal documents.

Most recently, on Tuesday, we reported prosecutors’ contention that Soules bought alcohol and was drinking prior to the crash. The allegation was made in the Buchanan County Attorney’s Office official response to Soules’ motion seeking to have the felony charge against him dismissed. His request is still pending, and Soules’ legal team has not responded to the alcohol-related claims. Gossip Cop will continue to have accurate updates as appropriate.

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