Chris Soules NOT Going To New York Fashion Week Before Trial, Despite Report

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Chris Soules New York Fashion Week

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Chris Soules New York Fashion Week

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Chris Soules is not going to New York Fashion Week before his trial, contrary to a speculative report. An attorney for the former star of “The Bachelor” exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claim is inaccurate.

But RadarOnline is sensationally blaring on its website, “Party Before Prison? Chris Soules Heading To NYC During Fashion Week Before Trial.” The webloid writes that the reality star is “heading to court in January for his fatal hit-and-run trial – and in the meantime he’s going to the Big Apple.” The assertion is based on court documents in which Soules’ legal team sought permission for him to travel “for a trip to New York City, New York, from September 7, 2017 through September 11, 2017.”

The site points out, “Although the request does not explain why he is traveling to New York City, it does fall during Fashion Week, which is from September 7 to September 13.” To fuel its theory, the outlet goes on to ask readers, “Do you think he’s going to New York City for Fashion Week?” But purported news resources are not supposed to look to consumers for answers. They are also not supposed to throw out theories without substantial evidence to back them up. And there is simply no legitimate reason to assume Soules’ desire to go to New York September 7th through September 11th, a request which the county attorney has not opposed, has to do with New York Fashion Week, just because that event takes place September 7th through September 13th.

There is, of course, a multitude of reasons for a person to travel to Manhattan at any given time. It is also disingenuous to say in the headline that Soules’ trip is “before” his trial, implying that he is heading out of town right before he’s due in court. The trial isn’t until late January. The requested trip to New York would be taking place more than four months prior. He’ll likely be doing a lot of things “before” the trial actually commences. More egregious, though, is the “Party Before Prison?” aspect of the headline. Though it is phrased as a question, RadarOnline is treating Soules as if he has already been convicted and will be locked up. That is misleading and unfair.

In short, the webloid took a legal document about Soules’ travel request, saw the dates partially coincided with New York Fashion Week, and decided to sensationally jump to the conclusion that the two are linked. But his lawyer, Brandon Brown, exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “This speculation is incorrect.” The attorney declined to give the actual reason for the trip, but Soules is entitled to privacy, even as he stands accused of a crime.