Chris Soules Had No Alcohol In System After Crash, Negative For Drugs

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Chris Soules No Alcohol

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Soules No Alcohol

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Chris Soules had no alcohol in his system after his fatal crash, according to new court documents furnished to Gossip Cop. Find out the latest developments below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Soules was involved in a deadly accident in April. The former star of “The Bachelor” collided with a tractor on a rural Iowa road, sending his truck and the tractor into opposite roadside ditches. The diver of the tractor, Kenny Mosher, died from injuries sustained in the collision.

Although Soules called 911 to report the crash, he left the scene after paramedics arrived. He was later arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. The prosecution previously claimed Soules bought alcohol prior to the crash, and that open containers were found in his truck.

Upon his arrest, he was tested for intoxication. Now his defense team says the testing showed Soules had no alcohol or drugs in his system. As such, his lawyers want any purported evidence related to alcohol use declared inadmissible. In a motion filed on Friday, it’s said:

“According to a report issued by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) Criminalistics Laboratory, Mr. Soules’ specimens were negative for drugs and alcohol. The DCI conducted thorough toxicology testing on two separate samples – his urine and blood – and conclusively determined no detectable amounts of alcohol or drugs were in either specimen. Furthermore, Mr. Soules has not been charged with any alcohol related offense.”

Consequently, his camp wants to bar “any evidence, testimony, reference, or argument that, on the night in question, Mr. Soules: 1) purchased alcohol, 2) consumed alcohol, 2) drove while impaired, or 3) had beer cans in or around his vehicle.” It is possible the prosecutor will fight the request on the grounds that the samples were taken from Soules hours after the accident. In fact, it was previously claimed he initially refused to leave his house when officials arrived, allegedly leading to an hours-long standoff before he surrendered to custody.

Soules also makes other requests in this new motion. His attorneys ask that Mosher not be referred to as the “victim” because Soules is “presumed innocent.” It’s argued, “The State has not charged Mr. Soules with any crime asserting he is criminally responsible for the death of the decedent. Thus, it is wholly improper for the State or any witness to refer to the decedent as a ‘victim.'”

Among other demands, it is also argued “any statement, questioning, or evidence about Mr. Soules’ criminal history” should also be inadmissible. As Gossip Cop reported, Soules’ previous motion to dismiss the felony charge outright was denied last month. We will continue to have updates as appropriate.

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