Chris Soules Reveals Bachelor Spoilers On Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

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Chris Soules Bachelor Spoilers

By Daniel Gates |

Chris Soules Bachelor Spoilers


Chris Soules of “The Bachelor” appeared on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” following the season premiere of the dating show, and he kind of gave away some spoilers. While the so-called “Prince Farming” didn’t reveal who ultimately won his heart during the two-month shoot, he did hint at what might happen with at least some of the women. Check out the video below!

Kimmel held up pictures of several of the contestants and asked Soules to say whether or not they were crazy. Soules mentioned that Tara did not impress his parents, with whom he watched the premiere. “They weren’t real excited about the drunk one,” admitted the hunk. What about Kaitlyn? “She was great,” said Soules.

As soon as Kimmel got to Ashley S., Soules blurted out, “Crazy!” The host seemed taken aback by Soules’ honesty, explaining to him, “You’re not supposed to tell us things, you’re supposed to pretend!” When Kimmel asked if Soules knows which restaurant waitress Britt works at, the Bachelor replied, “I don’t know. We never got that far in the details.” Hmm… interesting. “There is such a thing as being too honest,” noted Kimmel. “I’m not used to getting actual feedback from people on the show.”

The host also pointed out that Soules has the advantage of following the widely reviled Juan Pablo on the show. “You really came in at the perfect time,” said Kimmel. “That’s the opposite of a tough act to follow.” As for what happens over the rest of the season, Kimmel joked to Soules, “We know almost everything already from you.” See what else Soules spilled in the video below! NOTE: Video no longer available.


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