Chris Soules ‘Freaking Out’ Story Made Up By HollywoodLife

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Chris Soules Prison

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules Prison

(Buchanan County Sheriffs Office)

HollywoodLife made up a story claiming a source told the webloid that Chris Soules is “freaking out” about his felony hit-and-run trial, and that he’s “afraid” he could go to prison. Gossip Cop has been assured that no actual Soules “insider” spoke to the site, which has a track record of fabricating stories and manufacturing quotations. We’re told the article is all phony.

In its latest tall tale, HollywoodLies, as it has become known, alleges it has an “insider” who told the outlet about Soules and his fear of going to jail for the April 24 car crash in Iowa that killed Kenneth Mosher. It should be noted that Soules is in the midst of criminal case, and is not speaking to anyone other than his attorneys about his trial. And the former “Bachelor” is most especially not yapping to people who would in turn blab to a repeatedly discredited website. It simply didn’t happen.

Still, HollywoodLies pretends to have Soules sources. In reality, the site seemingly ascribed very obvious assumptions to its so-called “insider.” For instance, the often untrustworthy outlet has its supposed source say Soules is “freaking out over his trial.” , After regurgitating in a “source” quote the widely reported fact that, if convicted, the one-time “Bachelor” could be imprisoned for five years, the fake “insider” purportedly goes on to note how Soules “feels like it would ruin his life.” The serial fabricators then essentially repeat their previous quotes with slightly different words, alleging that Soules is “stressing out” over the trial and “praying that he is not found guilty” because he doesn’t want to be “locked away… for years.”

Let’s first examine the story logically, and not as journalists. Soules was charged with the felony of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. It doesn’t take a genius to realize he’s “freaking out” or “stressing out,” as a result. In addition to having accidentally killed Mosher, who Soules knew, he may be going to prison for it. Obviously, Soules or any other guy facing time behind bars would conceivably feel “like it would ruin his life.” And the quote about him “praying that he is not found guilty” was also clearly concocted by HollywoodLies. Find us a person who’s praying that they are found guilty of a crime.

Basically, HollywoodLife often takes stories in the news and then makes up article and phony quotes. This is a clear example of it. Nothing the webloid offers from its manufactured “insider” provides any inside information. It’s just a serious of basic assumptions about how someone on trial feels about having killed another person and the prospect of being incarcerated for it. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with an actual Soules insider, who would not comment on the record, but guaranteed us no one in his circle is talking to websites about the trial.

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