Bachelor Chris Soules Talks “Crazy Girls” And “Fantasy Suite” On Ellen (VIDEO)

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Chris Souls Ellen DeGeneres

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Souls Ellen DeGeneres

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Chris Soules was on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” hours before Monday’s episode with him and the remaining women spending time in Bali, and “The Bachelor” star discussed the “crazy girls” he’s met on the show and the three he took to the “Fantasy Suite.”

DeGeneres kicked it off by noting that the show had a lot of “crazy” women, before suggesting, “Let’s talk about Kelsey… WHAT?!” DeGeneres immediately brought up how Kelsey was “making out with you right after telling you she lost her husband.” Soules explained that he felt sorry for her, and was going to give her a hug, but she went in for the kiss, which he said was uncomfortable.

Next, DeGeneres wanted to know what is was like hearing from Becca that she was a virgin when he took her to the “Fantasy Suite,” which is where the participants occasionally have sex. After that, the talk show host, who tried to figure out to whom he proposed, showed photos of the three remaining women and asked Soules to describe them in a few words. He said Whitney looked “like a mother,” while Kaitlyn was a “firecracker.” And Soules called Becca “the total package,” who came from a “great family,” has “great morals,” and was “great fun.”

Still, DeGeneres felt it was going to be difficult for whomever he chose because he lives in such a small, small town. Check out the video of Soules with DeGeneres and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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