Chris Soules Has NOT “Betrayed” Bachelor Winner, Despite Report

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Chris Soules Bachelor Winner

By Michael Lewittes |

Chris Soules Bachelor Winner

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Chris Soules has not “betrayed” the woman he proposed to nor has he been caught in a “shocking lie,” despite a sensationalized report from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the false report, which alleges his relationship is in “jeopardy.”

After Gossip Cop wrote an editorial about how Soules seems to be in no rush to return to the tiny town of Arlington, Iowa right now, opting instead to join the cast of “Dancing With The Stars,” In Touch curiously twisted our story to manufacture an article that claims his decision to stay in Los Angeles for the competition show is the “ultimate betrayal” of his new fiancee. The tabloid quotes a so-called source as saying, “Not only does the winner have to start a new life, but she has to watch her fiance go straight into the arms of another woman.”

The magazine adds that Soules doing “sexually charged routines” with blonde and beautiful dancer Witney Carson will “undoubtedly cause problems with his bride-to-be, who’s already insecure because of Chris’ severe indecision when it came to choosing among the final three women.” Despite the fabricated drama created by In Touch, the story is NOT true.

For starters, Gossip Cop is told Soules consulted with his new fiancee before agreeing to join the cast of “Dancing With The Stars.” And while one would have expected that “The Bachelor” would want to immediately start his new life back home with the woman he chose, he’s certainly enjoying his celebrity status and the perks that come with it. Among those is the money he’s being paid to do the dancing show. Since it’s winter and little is going on right now on his farm, Soules and his fiancee figured it was worth it for him to cash in a little more before getting back to work in Iowa.

A source close to the situation scoffs at the idea that Soules’ fiancee was “betrayed” at all, and says their relationship is NOT is “jeopardy” by him doing “Dancing With The Stars.” Gossip Cop’s insider tells us exclusively that the In Touch story is “not true,” noting, “Everyone’s on the same page.”


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