How Chris Pratt Learned To ‘Fake’ His Improv Comedy

Chris Pratt in a black outfit kisses Blue the dinosaur

By Elyse Johnson |

Chris Pratt in a black outfit kisses Blue the dinosaur

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Chris Pratt admitted that he’s not as spontaneously funny as he seems. The actor shared that when it comes to his punchlines and jokes, they don’t always happen on the spot. He effectively replaces the improv part of the comedy with preparation.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star explained his strategy in an interview with Esquire in 2014. Throughout the majority of the interview, Pratt kept the jokes coming, keeping the interview light and fresh. It wasn’t until the interview was done that Pratt revealed most of the jokes he shared were already made up.

“My whole life I’ve done that,” Pratt said at the time. “The best stuff that you hear me say will be stuff that I thought of over the past three years. The best acting I did was pretending that it was improv and sneaking it in like I just stumbled on it. I feel like I’m giving away my secrets. Maybe that’s okay. That’s always worked for me in the past,”

Chris Pratt’s comedy talents are well-known

Pratt, of course, doesn’t just use his improv skills for interviews. In 2012, the cast and crew of Parks and Recreation praised his ability to make up several lines while in character. Co-star Amy Poehler and the show’s executive producer, Michael Schur, confirmed Pratt’s comedy. Poehler said Pratt often suggested lines or jokes that would make it into the show. Schur also stated that “the funniest line ever spoken on our show” was one of Pratt’s, even though it “infuriated” him that the actor did it.

“The funniest line ever spoken on our show was improvised by Chris Pratt,” Schur said at the Paley Center for Media, “which was when Leslie had the flu and she’s been led out and he’s sitting at the computer filling in for Ron and he says, “Leslie I typed your symptoms into the thing on here and it says you could have network connectivity problems,” Schur said. “As a writer, it made me furious.”

The actor went from Parks and Rec to Jurassic Park

Pratt portrayed Andy Dwyer on the NBC comedy-sitcom for the entire seven seasons. During season six, his character was notably absent due to Pratt filming Guardians of the Galaxy around the same time. Pratt’s performance on the show is considered to be his breakout role, though he’s now undoubtedly an A-list movie star.

Pratt recently married Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, following his divorce from Anna Faris. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted a rumor that Pratt’s latest project was causing a rift in his marriage to Schwarzenegger. An alleged source claimed that the couple were having problems due to Pratt’s schedule and not being able to see his wife. The source continued that this was causing Pratt to become “fed up” with his wife. This was proven to be untrue as the two were spotted spending time together before filming took place for the film.