Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger Engaged, Expecting Baby?

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Chris Pratt Katherine Schwarzenegger engaged

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Chris Pratt Katherine Schwarzenegger engaged


Are Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger engaged and expecting a baby? That’s the premise behind the cover story of one of this week’s tabloids. But Gossip Cop has exclusively learned it’s untrue.

The front page of OK! exclaims, “Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt: Pregnant Bride!” The magazine’s cover further declares there’s a “baby on the way after six months of dating,” and they’re planning a “$1 million winter wedding.” Inside the publication, a so-called “source” is quoted as saying the actor and his author girlfriend are “secretly engaged.” “A wedding is right around the corner,” adds the alleged tipster.

The supposed insider goes on to maintain, “They’re both ready to take their relationship to the next level.” “That means more than just marriage,” explains the tabloid, which offers, “The pair could already be expecting.” Its purported source continues, “‘It wouldn’t be a surprise’ if the bride had a bump on her big day.”

Actually, it would be a big surprise to Schwarzenegger herself because she’s not pregnant. Nor are she and Pratt engaged “secretly” or otherwise. The churchgoing couple is still just dating, albeit seriously. In fact, Pratt recently spent Thanksgiving with Schwarzenegger’s family.

Among the many tip-offs the publication’s story is bogus is that is has no specifics whatsoever. For instance, when and where did they get engaged? How did Pratt pop the question? Did he ask her father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for her hand in marriage? If the magazine truly had an “insider,” he or she would know the answers to those basic questions.

The same supposed source would also know definitively whether or not Schwarzenegger is “pregnant” after six months of dating, as contended on the cover and in the outlet’s article. And while the tabloid states without reservation there’s a “baby on the way,” it curiously has no idea how many months along Schwarzenegger allegedly is. Additionally, while the magazine claims her and Pratt’s marriage will cost “$1 million,” it similarly has no clue when or where the super-expensive “winter wedding” will take place.

The reason the publication has no proof they’re engaged, planning a wedding, or that Schwarzenegger is pregnant is because none of it is true. A mutual acquaintance of Gossip Cop and Pratt, who wasn’t authorized to comment on the record, tells us the tabloid’s tale is “not accurate.”

OK! has a poor track record when it comes to the Guardians of the Galaxy star. Less than three months ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it wrongly reported Pratt and his now ex-wife Anna Faris were getting back together. And right before that giant mistake, we corrected the magazine for falsely asserting Pratt was using Schwarzenegger just to get “revenge” on Faris for dating cinematographer Michael Barrett.

It’s also the same outlet that ran a cover story last year, maintaining Faris was pregnant with Pratt’s second child. In each of the aforementioned articles, Gossip Cop relied on the same impeccable Pratt source. And while we were right 100 percent of the time, the tabloid was proven to be wrong in each instance. Much like those reports, the latest one alleging Schwarzenegger is pregnant and “secretly engaged” to Pratt is also completely untrue.


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