Chris Pratt Using Katherine Schwarzenegger To Upset Anna Faris?

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Chris Pratt Katherine Schwarzenegger Anna Faris

By Andrew Shuster |

Chris Pratt Katherine Schwarzenegger Anna Faris

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One of this week’s tabloids claims Chris Pratt is flaunting his relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger to upset Anna Faris. The premise is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to OK!, the actor is angry at his estranged wife for getting into a relationship with cinematographer Michael Barrett following their separation last year, so he’s seeking “revenge” by dating Schwarzenegger. An alleged insider tells the magazine the actor has been “purposely packing on the PDA” with his girlfriend “to get under Anna’s skin” and “give Anna a taste of her own medicine.”

The supposed source adds, “It was hard for him to watch Anna flaunt her new romance. He thought she was being really insensitive.” The questionable tipster further contends that Pratt is now happy knowing that Faris is likely “seething over” his new romance.

The magazine’s account of the situation is completely untrue. For starters, Pratt and Faris are on good terms and work together to co-parent their young son, as People reported just last week. The reliable publication noted, “They are very friendly and seem happy when they are together with their son.” The estranged spouses were in fact spotted together with their 6-year-old on two separate outings last week. Also last week, E! News published an article detailing how Pratt and Faris emerged from their divorce “unscathed” and “still the best of friends.”

Simply put, Pratt isn’t attempting to upset his estranged wife by dating someone a full year after their split. There’s no animosity between the pair, who are focused on amicably raising their son. Meanwhile, the tabloid’s suggestion that the actor is just using his new girlfriend as means of “revenge” is baseless. On Wednesday, People reported that Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s relationship is “getting serious” and both are “hopeful for the future.”

In addition to being untrue, the magazine’s premise also doesn’t make a lot of sense. Pratt and his girlfriend haven’t actually been spotted displaying any sort of over-the-top PDA. The couple has only been photographed kissing on one occasion back in July. As opposed to flaunting PDA around town, the two have been spotted on a number of church dates and having meals with her family.

Adding even less credence to this story is the fact that just last week, OK! wrongly speculated that Pratt and Faris might be back together. They’re not, but it’s odd that the outlet would abruptly change narratives. The only explanation is that the tabloid has zero insight into the dynamic between the estranged spouses.


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