Chris Pratt NOT A “Jurassic Jerk,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Chris Pratt Jerk

By Shari Weiss |

Chris Pratt Jerk

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Chris Pratt is NOT a “Jurassic Jerk,” despite a new tabloid story that calls him “Chris Bratt,” seeking to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the actor and his new movie, Jurassic World. Gossip Cop can correct the sensational claims. Multiple sources exclusively tell us the report is laughably untrue.

The article can be found in this week’s Star, which claims Pratt’s “once down-to-earth personality has gone extinct,” and “his ego has grown right along with his star power.” One so-called “friend” alleges to the outlet, “Chris has definitely developed an attitude,” and cites supposed instances of the actor making demands of “handlers” and “shooing away” fans.

The so-called Star “insider” further recalls once incident where Pratt allegedly rejected an event coordinator’s advice, supposedly telling the guy that such comments were above the worker’s “pay grade.” “He meant to be funny but he just came across as arrogant,” alleges the outlet’s tipster. Star finishes its piece by twisting Pratt’s recent comments about being more “fun” in past years, and even goes as far as claiming his wife Anna Faris is “embarrassed by his behavior.”

But really it’s Star that should be “embarrassed.” From what Gossip Cop can tell after investigating, it seems the magazine simply decided to exploit one of the biggest names in show business right now. No sources could corroborate the tabloid’s claims, with one exclusively telling Gossip Cop that the Star report is beyond off-base, and Pratt “couldn’t be a nicer guy.” A rep for the star further tells us exclusively that the story is “completely inaccurate.”


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